Friday, October 06, 2006

New playground in town - dog friendly

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Paws up! Dog lovers who lament over d dearth of facilities available in dis country 4 K9s 2 play in or just plain socialize cn now look forward 2 d PetnYou Dog Sports Saturday sessions at Subang Jaya.

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'Err, did I say sumthing wrong?'

It started out as a casual Saturday gathering 4 trainers n several agility enthusiasts, having a go at d obstacles. V’ve gotten more adventurous since n r now attempting flyball runs on d side n learning some nifty tricks n moves as well. Dis may eventually lead 2 heelwork to music routines pretty soon, v figure.

Image Hosted by Nasi lemak n teh ais sessions aside, v hd such an enjoyable time dat v thot it wld only b logical 2 open d doors 2 similar dog lovers who r seeking a suitable outlet 2 hang out at, hence d Social Saturday sessions.

Where n when
Play time is from 8 – 10 am, every Saturday morning at Sri Sedaya school field, Jln SS13/4 in Subang Jaya. D location is convenient n comprise of a private school field which is spacious, clean, secure n conducive 4 dog sports n activities. Map of location cn b viewed at

How much
Playground fees RM40/ mth which goes towards sharing d cost of field n warehouse rental. Any number of dogs allowed as long as owner cn demonstrate control.

Goals n benefits
Idea is 2 provide a casual venue 4 responsible dog owners n deir dogs 2 gather at during d weekends. Also designed 2 promote dog sports n activities. PetnYou’s agility obstacles will b available 4 use during d sessions. Use of flyball equipment comes courtesy of Shirley, a true blue dog sports fan.
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'Flyguys at flyball.'

V even hv a skateboard if u r in2 dat sorta thing. Tips on various dog sports covering agility, OB, flyball, frisbee, tricks n heelwork to music will b handed out on a voluntary basis n u just need 2 raise ur paws.

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'Dis 1's mine, get u own ...'

Being a fenced school field, d venue is safe n spacious 4 running with ur owners. Off leash runs r possible if K9 is controllable n not aggressive. Agility n flyball runs r conducted on grass, which is more conducive n always d preferred surface. Dis is especially so 4 d jumping disciplines as prolonged training on cement or any hard surface cn b detrimental 2 d dog.

House rules
1. K9 shld b non-aggressive n controllable.

2. K9 shld b fairly reliable off leash n hv a decent recall.
3. K9 n owner shld preferably hv some knowledge of basic OB training.
4. K9 shld b under constant supervision n on leash, except whilst taking part in dog sports or activities or play sessions.
5. Puppies (fully vaccinated) r welcomed n will only have to pass d 1st criteria.
6. Only responsible dog owners need apply.

To find out more, feel free 2 leave a comment below. U cn also drop by at d field on Saturdays mornings 2 hv a chat with similar dog fans n look n see if d sessions r 2 ur liking.

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There must b a fair number of dogs out there who hv gone thru some level of training n r now just looking 4 a friendly environment 2 play in n meet up with new acquaintances. D PetnYou Dog Sports & Social Saturday sessions offers such a setting.

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Comments from d regulars:
Angel - BC, ‘Ideal for busybody Border Collies like me.’
Image Hosted by Groovy - JRT (dats me), ‘Run till ur heart’s content … no cars, no speed limits!’
Pacco - Mixed, ‘Really spacious field, brakes r optional.‘
Jr - Silky, ‘Catch me if u can.’
Jojo - Mixed, ‘I prefer to laze around n bake in d sun, plenty of wide open spaces 4 dat.’
Russell - ECS, ‘Wonder ven will dey put up a pool for dock diving as well?’
Russell - JRT, ‘So many dogs, so little time … ‘

Monday, October 02, 2006

Rain or shine, v dun mind …

Image Hosted by'Hey, any1 know where d dock diving pool is?'
It's d weekend n v always look forward 2 our regular social Saturday session at Subang. Dark clouds n rain threatened 2 wash out d activities, but dat didnt stop us ... as v pranced about in d drizzle, indulge in some splish-splash n got wet n wild n dirty in d process, hotdog!

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'Wheeee, catch me if u can!''

'Batman n batdog in hot pursuit ...'

In fact, d rather cool weather prompted us 2 play even harder n run 4 longer periods in d open field. Mickey, d young poodle produced a couple of promising sprints which left many of d elders playing catch up.

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As d field was a little soggy 4 agility, v took on frisbee instead with renewed gusto n I must hv made > 20 catches at a go much to my owners surprise. Wld normally hv given up after a couple of catches n start sniffing around 4 my ball instead. Jojo also caught d frisbee with good consistency n Russell snatched a couple as well. Cami just sniggered at us n wondered wat was all d fuss about coz she does it 4 a living … catching discs dat is.

Image Hosted by 'D flyguys n gal lining up.'

Image Hosted by 'Ready, steady ... Oi Jojo, d flyball box is over here.'

Image Hosted by V moved onto flyball n hey, for once v managed 2 complete d relay runs with good pace. Still short of 1 relay member, Jojo, Russell n I put d pedal 2 d metal n produced some nice flying sprints … think Jojo even managed 2 catch d ball popping out from d box. All returns were well executed n v hardly missed a hurdle. Too bad v didnt taped or timed d runs. Even Cami, Archer n Angel hd a go at flyball ... minus d ball 2 begin with.

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Image Hosted by'Angel executing d helicopter jump routine.'

Image Hosted by 2 round things off, v practiced our tricks drill team demo. Now dat Angel n Russell already know d moves, v just hv 2 put in d practice 2 get d routine well coordinated. Still need lotsa practice, but v r getting there.

Mickey was absolutely buggered towards d end n snuggled 4 a short nap at d gazebo bench. Well, young punks like him just dunno how 2 pace demselves 2 make d most of d weekend.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usGroovy 'Errr guys, d ball is over here ...'

At d mo, d Subang school field is our fav playground coz it's spacious n properly fenced up, so dogs cn run off leash if dey r reliable. Also, hs facilities such as agility n flyball 2 keep us entertained. Plenty of genuine dog lovers around 2 play with as well. Rain or shine, v dun mind ...

Image Hosted by Russell, 'Bout time to change ur deodorant ... dis 1 smells way too nice.'

Image Hosted by'Am I a happy mutt or wat?'

Btw, d social Saturday sessions r open 2 all. If u wanna play 4 real, do join us. Will post up details in next blog 4 dose interested.

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