Friday, January 26, 2007

War Stories

21 Jan 2007, Subang

Image Hosted by ‘Down n out …’

Hd a very, very close call today. Was hving my usual rumble n grumble on d field with me JRT mates, Oreo n Russell. My owner decided dat v were getting too rough n lifted me off d ground with my leash. Out of nowhere, dis enormous Rottweiler/St Bernard mix lunged n chomped into my right shoulder. Definitely 1 of d largest n solidly built dogs I’ve ever seen in my life n it’s weight alone cld hv flattened me.

My other owner swiftly took hold of me n began kicking away at d giant mutt’s throat n jaw. Cld feel d tearing of skin n flesh as d mutt tugged even harder n seemed intent on not letting go. Was like a tug-o-war match, only problem is I was d rope … thot dat I was a real goner den, either dat or I wld end up with 1 leg longer den d other. Was only after 4 -5 neat kicks by my owner dat he managed 2 dislodge my arm from d vice like grip.

Next thing I knew I was back in my owner’s arms n cld tell from her distraught look n constant tears dat dis was serious. I hd a deep long gash all round my shoulder arm n a layer of skin was spliced opened. Cld already c blood n all dat icky stuff thru d gash. I managed a whimper as I looked forlornly at her as she desperately struggled 2 hold d torn bits together 2 prevent any further tearing n bleeding.

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....‘I hd a bad day …’

Just made it 2 d vet b4 dey closed n was already fearing d worst. Didn’t know wat 2 think or say, so didnt say much as I nestled on my owner’s thigh. My owners’ tried 2 keep calm n comfort me but cld tell dat dey were really troubled. So I kept quiet not wanting 2 make d situation even worse.

Doc mentioned dat it was an extensive wound but thankfully, no damage 2 vein, muscle or bone. Went thru an hr’s surgery, received 15 stitches all round n stayed d nite at d clinic. Am walking around with a shaved armpit as a result, looks weird but I cn live with dat. Also hv 2 wear d ridiculous ‘upside down hat’ 2 prevent scratching. Well there goes my dog show aspirations n modeling career. Cld hv bn much worst tho’ … n as long as I dun hv 2 gv up running n my ball, dats all dat really matters.

It’s time for healing n will b out of action for 2 - 3 weeks … dun hold ur breath coz I’ll b back in d old groove soon, as agile n fast as b4. Hv 2 thank my owners 4 being there n feel sorry 4 giving dem untold heartache from d incident. I’ll b fine guys, no worries … u cant keep a good JRT down 4 long. Me mates mentioned dat I must hv bn quite brave seeing how I hardly made a sound or complained during d entire ordeal, even ven being torn

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‘101 uses for an E-Collar …’

Think I’ve used up 1/3 of my 9 lives, some say it only applies 2 cats … well it hs worked well 4 me up 2 now, so I’m not gonna stop believing in it. Now wat’s an injured dog supposed 2 do for d next few weeks being quarantined indoors. Hah, will hv 2 dig up my owner’s stash of X-Men comics 2 keep me entertained den.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Strange day for K9s

14 Jan 2007, Msia K9 Day, Central Park BU

Image Hosted by ‘Me, Russell n frens’

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‘Benny, long time no c…’

Was looking forward 2 taking part in d numerous games on offer at d annual K9 day event but despite the ‘Open to all dogs’ tagline, d organisers hv strangely decided 2 restrict my participation in my fav Fastest recall n Agility games by placing a 'Beginners Only' stamp on it. Weird coz how on earth do u weed out d beginner dog from d expert dog in d Fastest Recall game, go figure?

Hving bn adjudged an ‘expert dog’, I was told to sit out on dese games as I was overqualified. Cn u imagine dat … I must b d only mutt in d country 2 make it into d celebrated list of ‘Overqualified Dogs Which Shld B Barred From Doggie Games’. Thks 4 holding me in such high regard but c’mon guys … I mayb good, but not dat good. N v r only talking bout casual doggie games here, not trials or competitive events.

Image Hosted by ‘Hey Pacco guess wat, I’m a banned substance!’ … ‘Wat a coincidence, me too’

Image Hosted by
‘Hey Pacco, I get to warm d bench’ … ‘Wat a coincidence, me too’

Pacco my speedster fren also suffered d same fate n was asked 2 sit by d sidelines n wait 4 d so called ‘Expert’ recall race, which never took place … how strange n convenient. Even stranger was dat all d other dogs including seasoned participants n regular past winners, were allowed 2 take part in d ‘beginner’ games. Strange dat dey only singled out me n Pacco as d experts in d field of recall. As far as I cn remember, both of us hv never attended a single OB training session in our lives … hee hee.

Same goes 4 d agility competition whereby all dogs including regular n seasoned agility teams were allowed 2 run, except me … hah, now I’m also deemed an agility expert! Bizarre judging n was even stranger dat d slowest team of d day emerged as agility champions. Strange dat d organisers didn’t c fit 2 restrict d other games (Waggiest Tail, Longest Stay) to beginners only coz most of dem ended up with d same repeat winners on d day. Weird dat dey not only chose 2 limit our participation but also went on 2 cancel d few remaining games dat v were ‘qualified’ 2 take part in.

So I ended up waiting n waiting n waiting till late noon just to take part in d pedantic Longest Stay n new Fastest Ball Retrieve game. Guess I was partially paralysed by all d inactivity coz I managed an unprecedented top 3 placing at d Longest Sit Stay … n u know how much I enjoy dese staying still games, duh. Retrieve game was d only 1 dat I got to stretch my limbs a bit, got tempted by d mud patch n went 4 a walkabout instead of returning 2 my owner … so much 4 being a recall expert, ha ha.

Congrats to Pacco 4 taking home d Fastest Ball Retriever title, Cami 4 securing 2nd place in d Agility competition and Amber 4 winning d Ms Beauty Pageant title n d subsidiary title of Most Intelligent Dog. At least, some of me mates actually made it to d podium based on talent n not d organisers’ indiscretion.

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
‘Huh, barred from d games … dats ok, v cn still play in d grass n bushes’

Image Hosted by If I knew dat dey were only going 2 let me watch from d sidelines, I wldnt hv stayed at d games ring n wld hv gone 2 a corner of d park 2 play with my ball instead n watch d dogs swimming at d lake … which was wat I eventually ended up doing.
Funny dey shld feel threatened by a JRT n a black mutt. Dey shld know better coz ... dogs dun sweat d small stuff.

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
‘Piper, cool babe’ … ‘Time out by d lake’

Oh ya, do remind me 2 change my namecard 2 include d following titles: Groovy, Fastest Recall Expert n Agility Expert, sweet!

Wat was supposed 2 b a day for all dogs turned out 2 b a strange day for K9s.Image Hosted by

‘Strange moves for a strange day’

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Dog Squad goes to Rat Island

5-7 Jan 2007, PAAPP trials
Image Hosted by ‘Penang Isle, here v come!’

Ven I heard dat v were making a trip 2 Rat Island with d PetnU Dog Squad of Angel, Archer n JRT Russell, got pretty worked up coz it seemed like a dream vacation 4 a terrier… imagine an island full of rats 2 track down n gv chase. Wasn’t 2 b as it was actually d Pulau Tikus (@ Rat Island) suburb in Penang Isle, famous 4 its old coffee shops n authentic hawker food. No worries, v still hd d beaches n agility trials 2 look forward 2 during d weekend trip.

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
‘JRTs at Teluk Bahang beach’

PAAPP were holding deir very 1st OB n agility trials n tho’ it was only basic jumpers class, v still made d trip mainly 2 gv support n promote d sport, gain some exposure n perhaps, win some kibble at d same time. Penang is a long 3½ hr drive north n dis was also our 1st trials out of town. Felt like 1 of d trials held in Western countries whereby dogs travel near n far just 2 take part in agility trials held throughout d country. Hope dis trend continues in my country coz den it’ll mean more vacations n activities 4 mutts like us.

Stopped at Ipoh 4 short lunch break, crossed d Penang bridge n was excited 2 c d wide span of sea n floating vessels on it.

Image Hosted by‘Stranded on our very own desert island’

Image Hosted by
‘Archer, cool as u like…’

Made it 2 d beach at Teluk Bahang, n found a secluded corner near some large rock formations 2 play at. 1st time dat me mates Angel, Archer n Russell laid paws on sand n sea, so it was left 2 me 2 show dem how 2 behave … it’s Frisbeeeee time! Not dat dey were keen on frisbees but dey certainly enjoyed giving chase with me as I raced 2 catch d disc on d soft sand.
Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
‘Playing catch with my owner…’

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
‘Running free on d beach is d only way 2 go!’

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
‘Ok guys, u cn stop following me around…’

In between, Russell did learn a couple of swimming strokes as he was engulfed by a small wave n doggie paddled safely 2 shore. On 1 of d rare occasions dat he got a hold of my disc, he decided 2 tear a hole in it … well, dey dun call him Russell d Rascal (not 2 b mixed up with me other mate, Russell d Cocker) 4 nothing.

Image Hosted by‘Swimming in d sea, not so good at dis...’

Image Hosted by ‘Running on d beach, am good at dis…’

Image Hosted by
‘Not so sure bout getting a tattoo at dis funny looking residence…’

Got 2 gallivant along Gurney Drive n Pulau Tikus suburb as my owners went in search of authentic hawker food. Me mates hd 2 stay at d apartment as dey were a little tired n weren’t accustomed 2 walking around town. Penang Isle is predominantly Chinese, so most dun mind seeing a dog in public n eateries. Easy 4 a mutt of my size 2 get around … I’m beginning 2 like dis place!
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
‘Beware, Guard dog!’

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by‘Warming up at d ‘warm up ring’

Day of d trials n venue was only walking distance away from our apartment. D Chinese Recreation Club field was large, grassy n flat, just perfect. Deir agility equipt hd a fresh coat of paint n looked neat n easily portable. Dey even set up a rest area n warm up rings 4 participating teams, cool. Angel went thru her OB exercises in Pre Novice n Novice classes n came 2nd with almost perfect scores of 99, only upstaged by a Poodle who scored 100 in both classes.

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
‘Angel at OB trials’

Image Hosted by

‘Waiting 4 our turn…’

Image Hosted by

‘Archer getting a paw massage b4 d agility trials’

Played with d kids whilst waiting 4 my run. Was also asked 2 do an impromptu tricks demo n my owner is ever ready 2 accommodate without any consultation with me. No predetermined steps like Heelwork 2 Music … just tricks, prefer dis n my moves were smoother n came thick n fast. Penang audience were very appreciative coz dey dun normally get 2 c a mutt dishing out a fair number of tricks, 1 after d other.

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
‘Always ready for a game or 2…’

Floodlights came on as d mini agility jumpers got under way, 14 obstacles comprising of jumps n open tunnel. D Dog Squad swept d honours with clean runs from Archer, Russell n me. Incurred a couple of faults on my 1st run as I hd 2 adjust 2 d dim lighting n slightly higher jumps. 2nd run was clean n took home d mini agility title with a time of 18 secs, sweet. Angel came in 2nd in d maxi agility category as well to complete an excellent haul by d Dog Squad!

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
.....‘I like Penang coz it’s dog friendly … well, mostly anyway’

Day ended with a pole weaving demo by us n a couple of d PAAPP dogs which kept d crowd entertained. Only downside was d slightly dimmed lighting conditions n d rain which cut short d prize giving ceremony. Other den dat, was a great venue n competition was keener den expected. Cant wait 4 d next trials in Penang Isle … heard dat there’s 1 scheduled for May.

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