Wednesday, January 11, 2006

My Bag of Tricks

Here's a list of tricks dat I sometimes perform just 2 please my owners n also 2 get dem 2 throw d darn ball, so dat playtime is a constant n perpetual rush. Some moves I'm keen on, others not so...really depends on my mood, d weather n how foolish I wanna make dem look. Try it, besides d obvious rewards n praise, also helps 2 keep u fit n alert. Hv also included some games u can play with humans.

I can b quite tricky...especially with tricks.

Hi 5 n shake - must hv in any K9 trickster's repertoire, combine both 4 alternate Hi-5
Sit up on 2 - cue ‘sit up’ n may just b sitting pretty on bum with fore legs in d air. Hi 5 can b included 4 added impact
Trick or treat - place treats on both paws whilst lying down n may wait 4 ur release b4 gobbling dem down
Nose butt - ask 4 a nose butt n u may just feel a gentle nudge on ur nose by a cold, wet 1...similar 2 a Maori style greeting
Neck warmer - lift n place across ur shoulders n might just decide 2 hang round 2 keep ur neck warm
Leave me alone - after all dat n ven u r tired of playing, try asking 2 chew bone/rope n may just leave u alone ... 4 awhile

Sit up n spin - cue ‘sit up’ n ‘spin’ n may perform a pirouette on hind legs
Roll over - sweeping hand movement 2 d left n may perform a really quick roll, blink n u’ll miss it
Take a bow - say ‘bow’ n may get in2 a play like pose…fore legs down, stretched out with bum in d air
Circle round - cue ‘round’ with ur palm sweeping 2 d left or right n may move in a circle around u
Thru d legs - cue ‘thru’ with ur fingers pointing between legs n may run thru dem n appear in front
Who’s d boss - cue ‘who’s d boss’, standing with ur legs slightly apart n may move 2 sit in between ur legs n look up at u
Leg weave - cue ‘twist’ or ‘weave’ n may weave in between ur legs as u walk forward, backwards n sideways
Figure of 8 - cue ‘8’ whilst standing with ur legs wide n may just run around ur right n left legs in a figure of 8 manner
Spinning - say ‘turn’ or ‘twirl’ with a flick of ur hand 2 left or right n may spin clockwise or counter clockwise accordingly

Spinning on bum - weird move performed only ven really excited, a mixture of spinning n roll over performed really fast, so much so dat it looks like spinning on d bum??!
Go forward n reverse - cue ‘forward n reverse’ with ur fist held forward n moving back n may move accordingly… 2 d front, reversing thru ur legs n coming up 2 d front again
Forward n backwards - say ‘back n close’ as u move forwards n backwards n may follow suit. Can b performed in heel position n between ur legs as well
North, South, East, West - signal with hand 2 move 2 d front, back, left n right n might do so accordingly
Heel n spin - K9 dressage move, spins performed whilst at heel position n on d move
Sidestep - walking sideways in tandem with u, very much like a crab
Side weave - variation of d leg weave, performed on d side
Wiggle round - circling around u in a reverse motion, leading with d bum

Jump thru arms - make a hoop with ur hands, command ‘jump’ n may leap thru ur hands. Will also jump thru half circle with arm at side of body
Jump in2 arms - cue ‘jump’ with fingers pointing towards ur chest n might leap on2 u…get ready 2 catch a flying mutt!
Jump on back - cue ‘hup’ whilst kneeling with back facing n may hop on2 ur back. Stand up n straighten ur legs 4 added impact
Skipping over leg - say ‘skip’ n may skip over ur outstretched legs from left 2 right 2 left continuosly
Long jump - can perform jumps over very calm dogs lying down in a row. Current record: 4 dogs
Sequence jumps thru crossed legs - performed whilst lying down with ur legs folded in a relaxed manner
Jump over leg - jumps performed over ur lifted leg
Running slide n jump - jumps performed as u dish out a sliding tackle

Back up n catch - ask 2 back up > 10 feet away, toss ball n may just catch it in mid air

Flip - cue ‘ready’, bounce ball over n above n might perform a back somersault 2 catch d ball

Fetch - throw ball/toy n may race 2 retrieve it n bring it back 4 more play. Will also engage innocent bystanders 2 play
Swimming - throw ball into sea n might swim 2 retrieve it
Volley balloon - hit balloon in d air n watch me go. Can b refined 2 a form of volleyball with me head butting d balloon n u palming it back
Goalkeeper - cue ‘goalkeeper’ n may stand between d posts 2 save ur penalty kick

Go to - say go 2 ‘so n so’ n may decide 2 look 4 ur other housemates
Hide n seek - ask 2 stay in d kitchen area, den hide urself in diff rooms, behind curtains, sofa, cupboard, doors, balcony n may look all over d house 2 sniff u out
Tracking n scenting - similar 2 above but replace with a plastic ice cream toy. Toy can b hidden anywhere in house as long as within reach or reasonable height 4 sniffing. Can b hidden in ur pocket as well
Bring a specific toy - ask 2 bring a specific toy 4 play n may do so accordingly eg. Squeaky ball, Orange ball, Yellow ball, Egg, Bone, Balloon, Blue kong, Soft toy, Rope

Frisbee - can jump n catch thrown disc n bring it back occasionally
Agility - can handle all obstacles off leash with pace
Flyball - can jump over a series of 4 hurdles in a row, catch a ball n bring it back over d hurdles
K9 freestyle - a combination of d above spinning and twisting moves accompanied by music will gv u a dance routine. Dun worry, I’ll lead…u follow.


Blogger Pinkie said...

Pinkies up to you Groovy. Looking forward to more pictures.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Groovy, thanks for dropping by my blog. I c that u r a very sporty doggie.... so cool u know so many .. so many tricks.. I'm in the process of learning now. So far I know sit, stay, down, wait for release command for the food place on floor, retrieve specific toy, roll-over can be repetition of 2-4 times, touch specific item like door or cupboard and play dead.

My master has learn many new tricks by reading your blog. But she aint that sporty to do many interesting one like what your master does with you.

Thanks for all the tips from your blog ! :D

3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

after seeing your clips Groovy at the PD beach, thinking of bring my dog to the PD as well. Do you know which accomodation at PD allow to bring pet?

2:38 PM  

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