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Anniversary Bash

29 Oct 2006 - PetnYou 1st Anniversary Bash, Subang
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'Weird n wonderful world of k9s.'

Anniversary party at our play n training school in Subang. Dark clouds threatened a downpour but after a mini-drizzle, it turned out 2 b a pretty cool day, just slightly damp. Crowd turnout was good considering d weather. PetnU Dog Squad was on show n put on a nice variety of demos:

Frisbee - Warm up demo n Cami n Henna did very well with their consistent catches. Me ... I made my customary couple of catches n den ran off 4 a dip in d nearest mudpatch, utter bliss. Owners cld only watch haplessly, ha ha ... why demo ven a natural spa is only a plunge away.

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Tricks Drill team - Short tricks routine by dog n handler teams, performed in unison. 1st time doing dis n Russel got distracted midway n decided to go rock hunting instead. Angel n I completed d routine n ven v were in unision, it looked pretty good. Not easy to get d timing spot on. Audience liked d helicopter jumps.

Heelwork to Music - Danced a new routine 2 d tune of 'Sway' by Michael Buble. Owner mixed up d moves n v had 2 largely improvise by performing any sequence which came 2 mind, hope d audience didnt notice too much. Sigh, will have 2 make do with my owner's limited memory space n cn only hope 2 improve on d sequencing of moves for future events.

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Flyball - Except for Jojo stalling midway n me running off 2 my fav mudpatch yet again, crowd were suitably entertained by d demo n our antics. Russell n Henna were more consistent n put in steady runs to keep things going smoothly.

Image Hosted by'Jojo, me n Henna ... ready to fly!'

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OB n Agility demos - Another reliable performance by d OB team, especially from Champ d team captain. Agility Squad also put in solid n steady runs on a simple novice course. Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
20 pole weave - New on d agenda n d agility dogs performed very well, hardly missing any poles. Henna, d weave pole express, was at her element n swiftly disposed of d weave poles. Nicely done tho she did miss a couple of poles, as d obstacle wasnt sturdy enuf 2 withstand her enthusiastic weaving action.

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Protection work - Henna did her very 1st Schutzhund bite work demo n was well received by all. An invited Czech GSD rounded off d evening's show with some neat protection moves.

Demos did drag on a little but it was still a very entertaining n varied performance from d PetnU Dog Squad ... yes, all home grown talent from our very own stables. Groovy!

Image Hosted by'Owners trying out d latest n improved Recall moves.'

Next on d agenda were d K9 games n all me mates hd a swell time attempting d Long Jumper, Recall, Sniffer, Retriever n Kisser games. Most of d games were new n was wondering ven I cld get stuck into dem but my owners took on d silly job of organising d games. Hence, I was benched 4 d rest of d evening n cld only watch as me mates pile up on their prizes n take home kibble.

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Pacco did extremely well, winning d Long Jumper with an impressive leap of 6.5 ft n also came 3rd in Sniffer game. Russell won prizes for placing 2nd in d Retriever n Sniffer games. Oreo also took home d Best Kisser title, now dats a title I wanted to get a hold off! Ok guys, watch out for me in d coming games ... u just cant keep a good JRT down 4 long.
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'D big fellas, d little fellas n a restless JRT ... '

More images of d bash cn b viewed at Anniversary Bash photo gallery


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