Thursday, July 03, 2008

Iron Dog wannabe at Cherating beach - Episode I

Time to check out from the big city and unwind at sleepy Cherating beach in the East Coast. Was a pleasant and smooth 3 hr drive to Cherating, Kuantan. Stayed for 3 nites at Ruby’s Resort, right next to the Turtle Sanctuary and Club Med.

Simple, basic set up with cosy chalets and very sociable staff. They even had rabbits, couple of cats and terrapins roaming freely on the resort grounds … I suspect that Ruby is trying to set up a mini zoo of her own.

Fair amount of activities available ranging from paintball, ATV quad bikes, canoeing and a really long stretch of beach to run to your heart’s content. Dogs are welcomed provided there aren’t any Muslim guests around, have to be on leash whilst in the grounds and not allowed at the café area. Beach area is free for all but mostly off limits after 7 pm, as it is next to the turtle sanctuary and too much noise and activity may just affect their pilgrimage to the East Coast beaches for their egg laying ritual.

My owners plus a family of Arab tourists had the rare opportunity of releasing month old baby turtles into the sea. Was quite a sight to catch these tiny fellas scurrying and racing along the beach to break through the waves and swim away. Ms Owner picked a rather plucky one and he/she was 1st to the shoreline. Took less then a minute and they were all gone in the deep blue South China Sea. Guide mentioned that their survival rate is very, very low, so we wished them all the best in their sea endeavours.

Also bumped into my old pal, Snowboy the Maltese … long time no sea. Don’t let his soft toy looks fool you, cause beneath that fluffy cotton candy is a demon with a mean snarl. No worries, as I am one of the few who can put up with his Meanie Mouse facade.

First day at the beach and I was bouncing about and kicking my back legs with glee. Soft sand, cool breezes, waves breaking at the shoreline and if you lie down at the right spot, the waves will give you a natural belly rub … total bliss. Did I mention that I love the beach?

The ultimate beachside accessory has to be the Frisbee, never leave home without it! The coolest game to be playing by the beach and I must have spent whole mornings catching that disc. Here’s my own interpretation of ‘Kung Fu JRT’. Think I overdid it a little cause I was totally past ‘doggone tired’ at the end of my holiday.

Took time off to scout the impressive sandbank and cloud formations along the coastal line. Here we were still playing right in the middle of an approaching monsoon. Check out the clouds, seemed like the whole sky was about to fall onto us! We soon came to our senses and left just seconds before the thunderstorm broke out. It’s true what they say about the calm before the storm … and also just after. Sea was unruffled with kind waves, hence my first surfing session at Cherating turned out to be fairly mild but served as a good warm up for further sessions.

More water sports coming up in Episode 2 ...


Blogger Sparky said...


Is that the same place that Amber-Mae went to a while ago? Looks like a grrrrEAT place, I'm sure you had a BLAST!

My favorite pictures are the ones of you catching your frisbee in the air! That's pawesome!


3:52 AM  
Blogger Pacco de Mongrel said...

u d IRON dog?! watch-out kid, someone gonna be madly in love with u.....

beach alwiz looks pleasant for a vacation...

9:52 PM  
Blogger Amber-Mae said...

Oooo, you went to Ruby's Resort &you stayed in the same chalet we did too! Hey, the beach looks calm in your pictures. When we were there, it wasn't at all! What time will the sea be calm ah? We're thinking of going there again during the Puasa Month.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

3:16 PM  
Blogger Randell said...

Can anyone please recommend accomodation in Kuantan/Cherating where pet dogs are allowed into bedrooms. Want to holiday with our 3 furry kids. My email,

3:24 PM  

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