Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Making waves at Kpg Pertak

Half day trip to d cool n chilly Kampung Pertak stream, which ranks high on our all time list of fav hangouts n places to be seen at. Max d Lab joined us n he happens to be 1 of my best buddies cause he is a big fella n shows no interest in my toys (reminds me a lot of Bank the GR). Hence, I feel pretty comfortable with him around. He just lumbers around n does his own thing at his own pace, sweet.
Piper n Dookie, mother n son team, also tagged along. Typical JRTs who r obsessed with balls, sticks n enjoy d splish splash.
Here's Pacco who prefers to keep her paws dry. Has found a way to maneuver around d stream without getting wet by jumping from boulder to boulder. I tried out some of her moves with varying degree of success, but I need longer legs ... in the meantime, will hv to stick to my trusty lifevest for added buoyancy.
Lifevests were d order of d day. Venus wore a pink polka dotted one .. I wouldn't be caught dead in one of those but I guess it works for the ladies. MinPins, Lotus n Empress hd yellow n blue spacesuits.
Pacco obviously didn't read d washing instructions n put d vest to clean in d washing machine, hence why she looks like a stuffed dumpling in d above pic ... u can tell she isnt impressed with d post-wash fit. Russell d JRT also hd a similar blue vest. Has a strange obsession for my toys. Here he is chewing up my ball n enjoying every second of it ... if he continues in this manner, I will soon be chewing on his ass!Here's Max d Lab scaring d living daylights out of Ginger d Mixy! Ginger's reaction appears a little overdramatic ... I did mention that Max is a big fella.

Meanwhile Piper n Dookie r busy chasing sticks. Dookie has a new interpretation of the popular human pastime of 'pole dancing'. I'm impressed but would hv personally preferred to see the ladies handling the 'pole'.
My ball is finally free from Russell's grasp n it is time to make waves. In the jungle, I'm a hunter ... ball + water = 1 happy dog!

We tried our paws at d surfboard but our owners got carried away by attempting to fit way too many dogs onto it. Ever get that sinking feeling ... Dog overboard!

'Okay, who's d smarty pants who put our balls there?'


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Lovely picture .
Wooo , I just love swimming :D
Take care yeahs !

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