Monday, November 10, 2008

SPCA KL Tower World Animal Day - 2 Nov

SPCA held the WAD celebrations at the KL Tower, one of the main tourist attractions in town, and guess what … pets were invited along, dogs included! What a novelty it was for us to be allowed at this well featured landmark. SPCA was looking for guest performers to spice up the event and attract public attention. There were a variety of acts lined up comprising of singers, bands, hip hop and Brazilian dancers, cheerleaders, dog agility and OB demo by the puppy people, and a Canadian DJ hosting the event. Mr Owner signed me up as well and I got a personal invite under the billing of ‘Groovy the Dancing Dog’. SPCA also asked for interesting animal photos for the photo exhibition on the same day and they selected one of Mr Owner’s shot of me in a suspended mid-air balletic pose. They put up a poster sized print of the shot at the main entrance with Mr Owner’s name at the bottom, which was cool. By the way, I'm not into the girly ballet stuff, just me trying to head my football into the next field (top left pic).There were a few interesting stalls on display and even the Star Wars folks turned up to add to the festive mode. Not too sure what to make of the bloke in the kinky red rubber helmet, totally weird man.'Hey, what happened to all the good guys?!!'

Timing was slightly odd running from 12 - 6pm under the blazing sun, The weather was an organizer’s nightmare, hot sweltering afternoon followed by rain in the evening. Just managed to slot in my dancing demo before the rain fell. By then, it was like a sauna and most people hid under the canopies or decided to head home.
As usual, the pounding music from the huge speaker systems got me overexcited and I thought we were at a rave dance concert. Spent too much time putting my paws up in the air, prodding Mr Owner’s bum and getting into a trance, instead of moving in rhythm with him. But I somehow still managed to pull through the more demanding and trickier sections and it ended up being a passable performance. Mr Owner said that if I keep on jumping up to prod him, he will tie my legs to his for the next performance … now that would be a real act!
I like this photo. They say that a picture says a thousand words ... just goes to show that not all have a warped sense of insecurity in the company of dogs. The young lady above even gave me a hug and a peck afterwards, sweet!Yet again, pet hygiene was an issue as the organizers didn’t allocate a predetermined spot as the doggie loo. Even then, owners should have the common sense to bring their dogs to the grass every couple of hours to do their business. Noted several ‘pools’ at the main area which were conveniently covered with paper and not properly cleaned up. In the extreme humid conditions, the stench soon became noticeable and lucky for all, the rain came and camouflaged much of the smell. I wouldn’t blame KL Tower if they had second thoughts about inviting dogs again for future events.
The crowd pretty much dwindled after the rain. The dog demos by the puppy people was conducted at the car park area. Yet again, they decided to hold agility demos on unforgiving tarmac surface which doesn’t bode well for the dogs’ paws. Pity the demo dogs but the puppy people never learn. Wonder how these humans would feel if asked to run bare feet and jump hurdles on a hot tarmac surface …


Blogger Amber-Mae said...

You certainly had fun while we did not. And you guys came at a good time when it was just about to rain. It was too hot for any dogs to up there! Nobody was interested to watch any performances anymore becoz just like what you said, all were trying to hide under the canopies away from the sun. I pities all the dogs there with long fur. I was suffering myself! I didn't do anything at all but just laid down & my tongue was flapping away already! This is SPCA's 1st big even I'm sure so I hope they'll learn from their mistakes & so on & hopefully they will provide canopies for the dogs & owners, water for dogs, fans for the dogs & also a toilet area for the dogs.

Butt wiggles,
Solid Gold Dancer

2:02 AM  
Blogger Eileen said...

wah...i'm really the lady is actually patting and giving you a peck...i wish more malaysians are like that, not running away when they see a dog nearby...;)

3:51 AM  
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