Monday, January 16, 2006

2004 Hits, Misses + other bits n pieces

' Always trying 2 get a head start in any race...'
7 March - Malaysia International Pet Expo, Mid Valley Megamall
6 mths old n my very 1st competitive outing. Just bout d smallest mutt taking part in d Dog Race, which involved weaving thru 5 cones n back. A few heats, time trials n Dentabone treats later, v clinched 3rd place which was a delightful surprise. Excellent prizes comprising kibbles, treats n cash, more den made up 4 all d waiting in between.

Also indulged myself in d Best Short Coat event but didnt quite understand d human obsession with heeling on d left 2 showcase deir pets. Wats d big deal with heeling on d left all d time? Hasn’t it crossed deir minds dat there’s also d right, front n back sides as well … seems like a lot of good space gone 2 waste n I personally prefer d right side anyway.

'Heeling = walking with no purpose except 2 please ur owner.'

As my owners werent adept in d grooming stakes either, it was pretty much wat u c is wat u get. Later discovered dat JRTs r usually paraded with minimal fuss. But judges usually go 4 perfectly groomed contestants, hence I was only parading 2 make up d numbers on d day. Guess beauty contests n conformation shows arent exactly my cup of tea.

24 July - Puppycom A’ Famosa Doggie Get Together, Melaka
Overnite trip 2 golf n country resort with my mates, Lorna d Beagle n Wallace d mixed Rottie. Wat a nite, Lorna hd a tough time keeping d guys at bay in d apartment.
My 1st attempt at d Fastest Recall n raced away with d title. Lotsa K9s took part n hd 2 run in 3 exciting n very close heats. D final race saw a really fast n hairy pooch who almost bumped me off d running lane but just managed 2 swerve back 2 my owner at d final length. Was nicknamed ‘D Land Torpedo’ 4 my efforts.

Seemed like a nice resort … pity dat dogs werent allowed 2 wander around d place. Fortunately v hd Lorna around 2 keep us entertained.

1 August - Dogathon, Universiti Putra Msia, Serdang
Annual dog affair at large n pleasant university grounds, race comprising a 1.5 km course with few obstacles thrown in 4 good measure. Cld hv clocked a better time but my owner was really huffing n puffing towards d end, so I eased up on d throttle a bit. Still, v bagged an admirable 3rd placing in d female handler category.

'd start, d race n d finish ...roll out ur tongues guys.'

Got a consolation prize 4 performing a simple leg weave n attempting some frisbee catches in d Best Trick event. Only succeeded in catching 1 disc tho’ … no prizes 4 guessing who needed more practice at throwing frisbees. Nothing irritates dogs more den people with uncoordinated limbs throwing frisbees n den expecting us 2 run helter-skelter with hardly any hope of catching d disc.

Dey also hd an unorthodox event called Master Hunt which required dogs 2 traverse thru a maze littered with treats, 2 find deir owners at d other end. Was tricky n I got stuck at d final stages. Humans r an imaginative lot n gv dem credit 4 constantly coming up with strange games 2 keep us entertained. Also attempted d Fastest Eating Duo contest, but got trashed.

'Well its got a nice shape, but its of no use if it dun roll or bounce.'


Blogger PoenyStormRider said...

hahaha.. very neat record. how come now no more fastest eating.. ?

7:42 AM  
Blogger Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Cant even finish d food n always end up last ... no chance at all.

5:50 PM  
Blogger Amanda85 said...

wow!! last 2 years ago dogathon race got trophy...
then last year got medal....
but tis year lagi teruk....juz hamper...
can u imagine wat's up for next year?

11:03 AM  

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