Friday, January 13, 2006

Me Mates

Sporting Buddies
Hana aka 'd Cookie Monster' – small built expat Beagle from Japan, tri-colour of white, black n tan. Typical Beagle’s appetite 4 food n will just bout do anything 4 a treat. Winner of countless Fastest Eating titles. Hv also managed some wins in Waggiest Tail n Fastest Recall…an all rounder.

High leaps 4 d frisbee n jumps over hurdles r her specialty. Regular running mate, jungle trekker n 1 of d babes dat can keep up with my ‘Catch Me If U Can’ games. Oh ya, she dun put up with too much of my nonsense either…tough cookie.

Russell aka 'Ah Boy' – shy, mild mannered English Cocker Spaniel with silky white coat n tan markings n a strange showname... ’Peony d Storm Rider’. Fixation 4 stones n luvs d water. Multi-talented n can perform both OB n agility sport well. Possibly d 1st dog 2 attempt body surfing at d local beach n also allow himself 2 b buried up to his neck in d sand…hs 2 b seen 2 b believed.

Behind d gentle demeanour is a keen K9 athlete. Always a handy partner 2 hv if u intend 2 sweep d games n events on d day...which was exactly wat v did at 2005 Dogathon n Eukanuba Pets Fair.
1 of d pioneers of flyball in d region. 4 some nice pics, visit Russell’s blog

Jojo aka 'Big Mama' – large light tanned mongrel whose looks r meaner den her bark or bite. Hs given me a lecture or 2 on how 2 behave in public parks. Only mongrel I know of who can perform OB n agility sport, even if its done at her own pace.

Hs a number of neat tricks up her sleeve as well. Enjoys flyball n even catches d frisbee in between runs. Will gv any breed a run 4 deir money in d IQ stakes.

Ben Ben aka 'Gentle Ben' – brown GR-Spaniel mix with fuzzy hairstyle. Despite his age n slightly heavy build, he is heads n shoulders above most dogs in d agility stakes. Possibly d only large breed dat I hv seen who can perform d agility course with speed n enthusiasm. Swift pole weaves as well.

Also a certified ball addict like me n will go 2 great lengths 2 get 1. Great temperament and very friendly with all kinds. Can easily fit into any environment with his manners. A rare breed of gentleman + sportsman.

– black n white Border Collie pup with angelic looks, hence d apt name n no alias. Started young at agility n hv since grown 2 b fairly adept at it. Certainly agile with good jumping ability. Very playful n always on d lookout 4 a mate 2 play chase with … at dangerous speeds. 1 of d very few Collies here 2 hv actually been given d opportunity 2 put deir natural abilities 2 good use. Great potential in d agility stakes n 1 to look out 4.

Junior aka ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ – tiny Oz Silky Terrier with brown n black hair. Speed demon extraordinaire n can possibly out run any dog on his day. Despite his dimunitive size, 1 of d fastest mutts I’ve seen at all levels. Luvs playing chase at dangerous speeds as well n takes corners without hitting d brakes.

Also doing some agility n if he cld just focus all dat energy on d obstacles n run a straight line, den he’ll b hard 2 beat. Always on d move n like me, just cant stay still 4 a mo'.

Odie aka ‘Speedy Gonzales’ – small black n white rat terrier. Another speedster who is always up there amongst d podium finishers in d Fastest Recall n Dog Races. Very nimble n light on his feet, hence able 2 outrun most K9s despite his size.

Also pretty well behaved n will sit on his owner’s lap for hours on end, ever ready 2 spring in2 action ven d racing events begin.

Jungle Trekkers
Yen Yen
aka ‘Do d Hump’ – light tanned, medium sized furry mixed breed with a very bushy tail. Loves 2 hump unsuspecting dog owners. 1 of my fav play buddies coz he can keep up with my rough play n he gives as good as he gets. His signature wrestling move, ‘d Great White Shark’, involves stretching open his large jaws 2 engulf ur head. Suits me fine coz I enjoy examining oral cavities as well.

Sometimes play gets too rough n u cn c bits of his fur sticking on my gums. Luvs 2 run along d stream in d jungle n indulge in water therapy sessions.

Duchess aka ‘Auntie’ – slightly plump, grey n white Miniature Schnauzer n usually sports d ‘ruffled hair, just got out of bed’ look. Experienced trekker n keeps d discipline of d others in check by barking out commands n requests 2 remain calm n steady n toe d line. Also enjoys d occasional run along d stream. Gets a fair share of attention from certain fairly persistent male dogs.

Baby aka ‘Chili Padi’ – small Spitz mix in varying shades of brown n grey, with large eyes. Experienced trekker n sticks close 2 her owner most of d time. Beneath dat timid n unassuming baby face is a fairly strict, OB influenced K9. Similar 2 Duchess above n will keep check of any rowdy behavior during d trek. Will also let loose every now n den 2 sprint with d lads. Approachable but a no nonsense type of lady.

Rakan aka 'Fren'– tall n slender black mixed Telomian street mutt with high, pointy ears. Very reliable and can handle d trek off leash. Shy, reserved n hardly ever says a word, hence sometimes gets pushed around.

Probably holds d distinction of being d only local dog 2 hv ever gone on an overseas holiday 2 Holland with his expat owners. Also can understand commands in a foreign language as a result.

JRT Gang - d Rascals
aka ‘Ms Daredevil’ – rough coat JRT in need of a visit 2 d saloon. Regular tom boy … anything d boys can do, she can as well. Fighting with cats, swallowing flies n jumping off high ledges, just 2 name a few. Will also run with d boys 2 give chase 4 d ball, a certified ball addict. Surprisingly, also pretty good at d ‘Longest Stay’ contest. Tough cookie who can look after herself in any situation.

Snowy aka ‘Mighty Mouse’ – tiny, smooth coat JRT who will perpetually look like a pup bcoz of her size. 1 of my favplaymates n always game 4 a wrestle. Can play rough n gives as good as she gets, despite her diminutive size. Growls a fair bit during play like me n dose who dun know better will think dat v r in a real dogfight. Hs tone down somewat after her OB lessons.

aka ‘d Belly’ – short legged, broken coat JRT … round n sturdy type. Hs some handy tricks up his sleeve 2 make u handover d treats. Also hard 2 refuse dat puppy face.

Submissive n always enticing others 2 play by rolling onto his belly. Hs a pretty loud bark 2 keep over dominant pooches at bay.

Bailey aka ‘d Dude’ – scruffy, rough coat JRT who looks like Eddie in ‘Frasier’. Reliable, independent n happy go lucky type. Goes on his own walkabouts offleash n does his own thing …cool as u like. D only JRT I know of who takes part in OB trials … very rare 4 a JRT.

Always seen with Biscuit (below) n together, dey make a formidable wrestling tag team…’d BB Boys’. Both always look out 4 each other, so cant lean on dem too much.

aka 'Tough Guy’ – smooth coat, short legged n stout JRT with a large chest. Bailey’s other half.

Looks like d rough, macho n muscular type but really quite mild n soft on d inside. Enjoys a good rub n tickle. Strong n silent type ... sensitive new age guy, perhaps. Pretty decent wrestler as well.

aka ‘Sloppy Kiss’ – smooth coat, clean cut n rather photogenic JRT. Can play just as rough as d guys. Unsuspecting owners will get a wet sloppy kiss if dey decide 2 get down low 2 pet her.

Attends OB training as well but think she prefers sumthing more instinctive n exciting.

aka ‘Mr OB’ – tall, slim n brown Malinois with a big, black muzzle. Most obedient K9 I’ve met at d training grounds. Hs an impressive array of heelwork n is always tuned 2 his owner. ‘Break Champ’s stay’ is his signature demo which showcases his solid stay, despite all manners of distraction including my leaping 2 n fro across his back.

Mellow personality n very approachable. Likes leaning against ur thighs 4 some TLC.

Yuka aka ‘Ice’ – white mixed breed with a fluffy tail. Clean n hygiene conscious K9. 1 of my running mates in d neighbourhood. Usually jumps over me or ducks 2 avoid my lunges. Pleasant character with a steady temperament. Hard 2 catch nowadays coz he travels outstation a fair bit.

Girl Friends
aka ‘Posh Spice’ – white Toy Poodle with dark eye bags. Well groomed, always composed n ladylike. Has a sexy gait which gets d guys going. Also hs a wardrobe full of interesting costumes for all occasions. Rather particular bout grass n dirty surfaces, prefers clean concrete tiles. A chair will also do rather nicely, thk u. Enjoys teasing d guys but dun appreciate frisky males.

aka ‘Little Shy’ – greyish white Lhasa Apso with a cute hairdo. Really adorable looking. Shy n treats strangers with much caution n suspicion. Needs 2 warm up 2 d occasion b4 allowing any1 2 get close 2 her.

Well behaved n prefers 2 stick close 2 her housemate, Sunshine (below).

aka ‘Ms Prim’ – well groomed, prim n proper Miniature Schnauzer. Very well behaved n hardly utters a word, very unSchnauzerlike. Can sit on ur lap 4 hours on end.

Truly a K9 good citizen. Dun hv 2 worry bout her getting in2 any trouble at all.

Sleepover Mates
Lorna Dale aka ‘Gobbledog’ – large Beagle with white n light tan coat. Very friendly, happy go lucky type of pooch n readily puts up with all my hassling. Bit on d heavy side as she is always munching on treats n goodies supplied by her generous owners. Doesnt waste time chewing on her food n gobbles dem down in secs. Her daily activities r very much dictated by her appetite.

Very dependable n goes on walks off leash.

Wallace aka ‘Beefy’ – Mixed Rottie, white coat with black brindle markings. Named after d bloke in d Braveheart movie. Tough looking fella whose looks n barks r meaner den his bite. No nonsense kinda guy n u usually hv 2 play by his rules …hey, even I do. Dun mess with his food n water bowls. Wait in line, n u’ll b fine.

Also hs great strength … ven he pulls on d leash, b prepared 2 follow.

D Bully
Taro aka ‘D Bully’. brown n white Bulldog with a slim waistline, very uncommon 4 bullies. Looks pretty fit n has even attempted agility at 1 point. Only performs certain obstacles ven he feels like it. Impressive jumps 4 his size n build. Well known around town n has appeared in a TV ad n numerous articles.

Like all bullies, luvs rough play ... abruptly charging 2wards other mutts is his personal fav. Also enjoys a good smack on his bum.

Blogger Pals
Jaffe aka ‘Hamster’ - white, rough coated PRT from Spore. Hs an identity crisis of some sort … having bn mistaken 4 a Westie n even a hamster b4, coz of his pure white n fluffy coat. Having 3 cats as housemates dun help either.

Luvs treats n indulges in exotic food on occasions. Enjoys running at d parks but hv succumbed 2 d feline bug recently n dun mind lazing around instead. 4 an honest account n neat pics of his activities, c Jaffe Boy.


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