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2005 Hits, Misses + other bits n pieces

9 Jan - Malaysia K9 Day - Puppycom, BU Central Park
Lotsa dogs gathered at dis really neat park 4 K9 day. D crowd enjoyed my moves n d Best Trick title was in d bag. My jungle trekking buddies, Hana d Beagle n Lucky d GR, made it a clean sweep of d trickster titles by taking 2nd n 3rd places … cool.

Bungled d Fastest Recall tho’ n rushed in2 d wrong owner’s arms as she appeared 2 b holding a more enticing hand bag filled with toys. Dragged along 4 other dogs in d process n v were all disqualified. Bummer.

31 July - Agility Test - Puppycom, Taman Desa

'Weave poles...helluva weird n difficult obstacle.'

Final session of basic agility class n instructors conducted a surprise test. 12 obstacles including all contacts, tunnels n pause table. Was tricky coz held on cement surface instead of grass. Hard surfaces r tougher on d pads, hs poor grip n not conducive 4 executing sharp turns. 1st run was rather hopeless n accumulated 4 faults. 2nd run was smoother with 1 fault. Topped class with a time of 42.8 secs … fairly tame effort.

Was d only trainee who ran d entire course off leash. Wld luv 2 c more K9s attempting off leash runs coz dats ven d fun really starts. Humans shld hv more faith in us.

'In d midst of all d sprinting, u r supposed 2 come 2 a screeching halt here...d pause table'

7 Aug - Dogathon, Universiti Putra Msia, Serdang

2nd outing at dis memorable fair n certainly older n wiser. Brilliant harvest with prizes in Best Trick, Dogathon race n Master Hunt categories n dey even gv out medals 4 d race. Crowd relished d tricky weaves, spins n jump on d back move.

RTM2 interviewed us thereafter but dis was 4 a Mandarin program n my boss couldnt speak d dialect … shld hv let me do d talking instead. Tried 2 impress d female interviewer with some nifty moves at d side whilst my boss struggled with simple questions pertaining 2 JRTs. Dis bloke was cramping my style.

'Hey dude, put in some good words 4 me yah.'

My sporting pals, Russell d ECS n Jojo d mongrel, were equally industrious n took home deir fair share of prizes in d Best Dressed, Fastest Eating Duo n Best Trick categories as well. It was a great day 4 winning indeed.

'Fastest Eating Duo competition... only serious eaters need apply.'

21 Aug - Pets n U Open Day, Sri Sedaya School, Subang Jaya
New training school in SJ invited us 2 join deir agility n tricks demo squad at d opening day. Attempted a short musical freestyle demo, with d dance anthem – Played A Live by Safri Duo thumping in d background. Got a bit excited n messed some moves but d audience still appreciated d tricks.

Also attempted a foolish stunt involving a long jump over 5 large K9s lying in a row. Miscalculated d run up, landed on a GSD at d other end n all hell broke loose 4 a few secs. Did much better with only 3 K9s on d line. Need 2 consider taking out an insurance policy if dis irrational daredevil behavior continues.

Champ d Malinos gave an impressive display of OB moves n heeling. D challenge 2 ‘Break Champ’s stay’ was novel n certainly showcased his solid stay.

'How's d view from up there?'

'CC, Jojo n Russell at d races.'

Fastest Recall was a treat held over a fair distance of 35-40 m. Now dats wat I call a real race n dogs hd 2 run 2 owners without any assistance. Hd 2 floor d pedal 2 overcome d stiff competition. Wat a rush 4 d speed demons!

Earlier on, attended Baskin n Hunter’s (GRs) birthday party n dey even hd a lovely cake specially made 2 order 4 K9s by MamaDog bakery. While my pals gobbled down d novelty treat, I wasnt quite sure wat 2 make of it n decided 2 gv it a miss.

'From 1 GR 2 another, 'Thank god I dun hv 2 wear dat funny hat.'

26 Aug - Purina pet food advert, Mutiara Damansara playground
My 1st paycheck. Photo shoot 4 poster advert in Giant hypermarket, Shah Alam. Dey needed an active dog so I got 2 tag along. Met a few nice looking n well groomed dogs. Lotsa waiting time n managed 2 sneak in my jogging bit b4 d rain cut short d proceedings. Hd 2 repeat d same action over n over again coz d photographer wasnt too familiar with shooting JRTs on d move.

'Spot me if u can...'

Ven d poster came out, was bit of an anti-climax as my owners got a bigger exposure den I. If u looked long n hard enuf at d poster, I’m d mutt bside d bloke in black pants … hardly noticeable rite. Dunno why dey needed a poster in dat particular suburb coz there just arent dat many dog fans in Shah Alam … n I thot I was gonna b famous.

27 Aug - Picnic in d Park, Terri’s place, Subang Jaya
Tinkerbell (Poodle), Leng Chai (JRT), Sgt Pepper (Husky) hd a party at deir place n lotsa of dogs turned up.
Dey even threw in a surprise birthday bash 4 me n there was d customary cake 4 pooches. My pals enjoyed d treat.

'My very own bday'

Sgt Pepper appeared 2 b d top dog n discipline master on d nite, so I kept my distance. Leng Chai was his usual self n kept harassing d girls n guys throughout d party.

Lovely park next door with a small stream running thru. Hd fun running about n checking out d surroundings. Was tempted 2 go 4 a swim but my owners werent as keen.

There were also a few games lined up so dat d owners dun feel left out. Was a memorable picnic in d park.

4 Sept - NTV 7 filming, Sri Sedaya School, Subang Jaya
NTV 7 was filming a documentary on d day n was asked 2 do an impromptu agility demo 4 d camera. Program was bout responsible dog ownership in our society. Got some decent air time. Me mates, Russell n Snowboy, appeared on d TV program as well … cool.

'Whilst Snowboy fooled around with d gals, Russell n I hd 2 do all d hard work.'

Didnt fancy d comments from some of d anti-K9 community tho’, pretty ignorant n primeval lot dey were. Best dat dey remain under deir coconut shells 2 vegetate.

11 Sept - Responsible Dog Ownership Day - Puppycom, BU Central Park

'Good thing bout agility...makes ur owner look really slow.'

'Get out of d way!'

Was a member of d agility demo team n d crowd loved it, particularly d off leash runs n pole weave bit. Not every day dat u get 2 c a nippy pole weave in dis region.

Dejavu … botched d Fastest Recall race at BU park again.

1&2 Oct - Eukanuba Pets Fair, Mines Exhibition Centre
'Who let d dogs out, who, who...'

Taxing event which straddled over a couple of days. Took part in agility n tricks demo, Dog Race, Superdog (mini-agility) n Overall Champion events. Got interviewed by NTV7 n some obscure video company.

Russell was in d squad as well n d OB n agility demos were well received, eventho’ space was at a premium in d exhibition hall. Gave a fairly decent performance in K9 freestyle grooving 2 tune of Michael Buble’s ‘Save d Last Dance 4 Me’ n d crowd was pleasantly surprised 2 c a mutt dishing out some dance steps. Finally got some timing n cues spot on.

'BC pup, Angel, waiting 2 run with d big boys...'

'D rest of d demo squad.'

Bagged d races n overall champion titles at d close of d fair. Russell also went home with many accolades in d same events including Best Photo. Wat a weekend n was totally knocked out at d end. It’s a tough life trying 2 b a K9 athlete.


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