Tuesday, January 24, 2006

2006 Hits, Misses + other bits n pieces

8 Jan - Malaysia K9 Day - Puppycom, BU Central Park
Close heats, a rerun n finally regained d elusive Fastest Recall title at BU park.

Jojo d carpenter, Russell d Red Indian n Paco d Devil looked a real treat in deir creative costumes 4 d Beauty Pageant contest. Tried my luck in a K9 athlete outfit but didnt make any impact with d judges. Jojo was amongst d finalists n earned some nice prizes.

Tried d OB-Agi Dash, n made my owner look like a clown by not staying where I’m told n sneakily running close behind him without him knowing, till it was too late … provided some comic relief 4 d crowd.

Caught some frisbees n balls at d field on d side n performed some tricks 4 dose who drifted away from d main event proceedings. Got some applause 4 my efforts ... nice.

19 Feb, Dog Gala – Pets n You, Summit Mall, USJ
1st ever formal dog event 2 b held in a shopping mall … sweet. Held in conjunction with 2006 Chinese New Year 2 usher in d Year of d Dog, mayb dats why d mall was more accommodating. Dey even hd a catwalk 4 d dogs as well! Hope 2 c more of dis in d future. PetnU hd a dog parade with a lotsa mutts taking part n some pretty rare breeds n show quality K9s on display. Went up stage with Benni n Jack 2 represent d JRT squad.

'Poodles always look a real treat on d catwalk.'

'CKCS looking good as well...'

Tricks demo were held in between d parade n beauty pageant 2 keep d audience entertained. Champ did his repertoire of neat OB moves n d ‘Break Champ’s stay’ demo … nobody cld budge him. Junior gv his 1st decent demo with some nifty roll-turn-twist move n his ‘Kong Hee Fatt Choy’ gesture. Hana also managed 2 fit in her nose balancing treat move n fetching d dinner bowl antics.

Did my usual freestyle dance routine but wasnt quite up 2 mark, got bit excited n decided 2 hop around like a kangaroo mainly … hope d audience didnt notice too much. Mayb it was d catwalk n lights which got 2 me. 2nd time was a little better n also performed jumps over hurdles n scooting round cones 4 variety.

D mall did a good job with a very nice mural 4 d background n d cool catwalk stage.

'Am better at dis ... playing with kids n playing d fool.'


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