Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Dogathon 2007

'Dogathon theme: A royal dog is a loyal dog'
'Royal dogs wannabe'

'Shadow all dressed up n ready for show'

This is my 4th time at d Dogathon n wld b considered a veteran in terms of experience as already knew d 2km course like d back of my paw. Ms Owner overdid her preparations for d race n sprained her ankle, Mr Owner didnt do any preparations n hence dun hv d stamina to keep up with me, so I thot I may just get d opportunity to run dis race alone … yeah! No more lugging my owners around n the course record is at stake.

But d rules state dat K9s hv 2 b onleash n under supervision, so there goes my marathon dreams. Hv to sit dis 1 out, I guess. Dat’s not so bad, more time to loiter around n watch d girls go by. However, my owners already hd a full agenda planned for d day n as Pacco hs so aptly put it, to fill my current role as ‘professional demo dog’. Sounds grand except dat I dun get paid, hence d tag of ‘amateur demo dog’ is perhaps more suited.

'PetnYou demo dogs squating n waiting in line'

'MKA OB demo dogs'
1st demo - Musical freestyle n retrieving
Hd to wake up very early for dis n d organisers hd labeled d opening act as an ‘exciting n breathtaking move’ not to be missed … talk bout unnecessary pressure. Danced to d upbeat song ‘Lollipop’ by Mika, a bouncy n catchy tune handpicked by d UPM students. Naturally, I got into it n started bopping n hopping around like an Energizer bunny, but way too much for my owner’s liking.

Music was blasting from d speakers n cld hardly hear my owner’s commands, so he can’t blame me for not listening. I took my cues mainly from his body movements n hand signals, which isn’t much to look at, heh heh. Mr Owner says I got to calm down n concentrate on my heelwork steps. Still, managed to pull things together in d 2nd half of d routine n nailed d jump tricks … phew.

Bank d GR was up next to deliver a scroll to the Faculty Dean to offically launch d Dogathon event, so dis was crucial. Miscued d stage in his 1st attempt but was perfect in his 2nd try n even exchange firm handshakes with d Dean b4 handing over d scroll, nice.

Was with d PetnYou Dog Squad n Mr Owner n his buddies also gv free introductory lessons in agility at d doggie playzone. Was quite amusing watching d newbies having a go at d obstacles.

2nd demo - Frisbee dogs
D Dog Squad frisbee team warmed things up with a short n sweet display of catching skills. Was a better demo this time with Cami managing some cool hang time, Junior showing great enthusiasm for d disc n even I retrieved d disc a number of times for Mr Owner to showcase some K9 air acrobatics.

3rd demo - Intermediate Agility
V ran an intermediate level course of 20 obstacles n d crowd enjoyed it, particularly ven v conquered d towering Aframe n slip n slide thru d weaving poles. Think d crowd were a little concerned as to whether d smaller dogs cld manage d steep Aframe but Junior d Silky n Cami d Cairn Terrier showed d way, swiftly scampering up n over with ease. Audience also liked the smooth downs on d pause table, sweet!

Russell performed his clown escape act from d agility ring again, to sniff out other dogs. Junior, Sissy, Bank n Angel all produced consistently good runs. My run was very fast but wasn’t clean.

4th demo - Tricks

Crowd applauded Angel’s trademark helicopter jumps n Junior’s repertoire of tricks which included leg weaves, rollovers, spins n Gongxi gestures. Happy d Lab made her debut performance as d ‘The Treat Catcher, comes naturally for her n she didn’t miss any treats thrown from a distance.

I also hd a new trick on show, ‘Goalkeeper’, whereby I attempted to head a mini football pass my owner’s hands. Then v switched places, n I bcame d goalkeeper whilst he tried to slot d ball pass me. Ended up a 0-0 draw, as he saved my headers n I saved his penalty kicks. Watch out for d next match up.
5th demo - Super Weave Pole
V hd to weave thru a neverending row of 24 poles n Junior, Cami, Angel and I made it, only just. Angel was d most consistent with her nifty side hops n finished d 24 poles in no time at all. Hope our owners don’t go overboard n add anymore poles to this act, don’t really fancy sliding around like a snake on heat in front of d public.

6th demo - The High Jumper
Sissy n I were d high jumpers. This time, Sissy was full of energy n managed a number of easy clearances at 28”, 30’ and 32”. I also followed suit n needed a couple of attempts to clear these heights. Was glad dat Pacco cld also join us midway to complete 1 big jump without any run-up. Mayb dats how she prefers her jumps, right in front of her n no time wasting.

Once again, d Dog Squad put up an entertaining variety of acts to showcase dog sports n activities n am proud to be part of this talented team.

'Hey, u part of d demo team?'

Due to demo commitments, I only took part in d Master Hunt game n just missed out on a placing. However, I still went home with a prize courtesy of a lucky draw, a large n comfy orange bed. Funny enough, I didn’t hv to do anything for it but it ranks as 1 of my fav prizes. Guess it’s true dat d best things in life r free n ven u dun hv to work for it. Time for me to mess up my new bed!

'Yes, I do enjoy watcing d babes go by but I didn't mean it literally.'

Oh yes, congrats to Pacco, Amber Mae, Amber n Money for winning a whole lot of prizes on d day, especially Pacco who swept 3 top prizes n Money who also took home 3 prizes notwithstanding that this was her 1st Dogathon. Seems to b all d ladies who r making d moves nowadays, where r d guys man?

C ya at d next event … Dog Carnival on 9 September at BU park.

'Ok, right there ... scratch right there'


Blogger Amber-Mae said...

Hahaha! That baby looks sooo cute sitting beside you Groovy. It was fun watching you dance. You were a little jumpy in the beginning but it looked like a dance move to me...I tend to do that too when I'm excited, so no worries! You're not the only one who tends to jump around like a little monkey...Hehehe! I didn't really get to watch you guys doing the agility demo coz I was playing the Master Hunt game. It was fun getting tips from your Mr Groovy. Hopefully, I'll improve with my weaving but the speed, I guess I just stick to that speed.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

4:52 PM  
Blogger Sparky said...

Once again, I love all the pictures. You really fly over that jump!


6:40 AM  
Blogger Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Amber, yup mayb v cn do a dance together 1 day. Contrasting styles wld b very interesting to watch.

Ur agility speed for a GR is not bad, only thing is dat u'll hv to maintain dat speed thruout a 20 obstacle course.

Sparky, pity v dont stay nearby coz both of us wld make a very good High Jumping act.

12:46 PM  
Blogger Money said...

hi groovy, do u like to sleep on ur new bed? my owner is thinking of getting me one (since we can't get any from the lucky draw) bt not sure if i like it or not. so wanna check it out see whether active dog like u do like to sleep on the cushion bed?

9:18 AM  
Blogger Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Hey Money, I luv sleeping on anything soft be it the carpet, blanket, curtain, sofa or dog cushion bed. But best of all is my owners' bed.

U shld try it.

1:22 PM  
Blogger Pacco de Mongrel said...

pacco now got 2 bed...both oso small 1...mayb can gv 1 to money girl

5:57 PM  
Blogger Money said...

i like to jump on my owner's bed to play with her blanket & soft toy hehe....sleeping on her bed..hmm..never think of that, mayb her room dun have aircon, so i feel colder is sleep on floor

8:58 AM  
Blogger Money said...

hey pacco, thanks for the offer.... are u sure u can't join 2 beds together & sleep? if u insist to give me....errrr i dun mind geh :-) Thanks!

8:59 AM  
Blogger Pacco de Mongrel said...

aiyo...kenot la..mongrel like me is abit of a 'jin guat tou'...like to sleep on floor...

n joining 2 bed together is uncomfortable...bring it 2 u tomorrow during jt...remember 2 come...heheh

10:47 AM  

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