Friday, January 27, 2006

Pet visitations n Community service

'Woaah! Guess dats as long as he gets...'

15 Oct 2005 - Yayasan Sunbeams Homes - Waggie Tails, Taman Mawar, Cheras
1st visit 2 an orphanage with > 50 kids. Organised by Waggie Tails, a group of selfless n generous dogs lovers who appear 2 hv got d act together 2 perhaps, b d only people in town taking d initiative in introducing dogs into community service n welfare work.

Really appreciated d opportunity 2 do so coz wldnt qualify as a therapy dog in normal circumstances … me being a feisty terrier n all dat. Actually prefer playing with children coz dun really hv 2 perform any tricks 2 get d ball n dey can keep up with my antics. Even got 2 sneak inside deir home on d pretence of looking 4 my ball.

Plenty of willing kids on hand 2 walk d dogs on d day. Very well behaved in agreeable kids dey were too n d visiting dogs mirrored deir behaviour … nice. Russell with his usual impeccable manners, fitted right in.

Tho’ d kids dun really ask 4 much, dey certainly deserve more den wat dey hv at present.

3 Dec 2005- Agathians Shelter & Ti-Ratana Orphanage - Waggie Tails, Section 8, PJ

Combined picnic in d playground with 2 orphanages. Russell n I gv a short agility demo. Also performed a dance n tricks routine n d kids lapped it up. Kids were very easy going and quite satisfied just being able 2 walk d dogs around d park. Dey also hd d opportunity 2 lead d dogs thru a mini agility course using d playground slides n tunnel … neat.

Engaged some of d children 2 play fetch with my ball. Ground was wet after d rain n I pampered myself with d customary mudbath in between play sessions. Unlike my owners, d kids didnt mind me being soaked in mud n water.

'Sharing some mud n dirt with my pals...'

22 Jan 2006 - Ti-Ratana Community Centre - Waggie Tails, Pekan Ampang
Friends of Waggie Tails performed a dog parade, tricks n mini-agility demo b4 an audience of > 300 needy senior citizens as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Tag line: ‘K9 acrobatic performance to usher in d Year of d Dog’ … quite a billing 2 live up 2, hope v didnt disappoint.

Some of my pals even dressed up in deir New Year best 4 d dog parade...'Gong Xi Fa Cai'!

'Think its bout time I got myself a bigger hat.'

Quite a noisy affair with music blaring from d speakers n drums pounding at d entrance 2 accompany d lion dance troupe. Stage was very small n did my best 2 fit in d jumps, rolls n spins … hope dat d old folks can figure out wat I was trying 2 do on stage n not just witness a blur of frantic moves.

Due 2 d limited space, agility was performed partly on n off stage. Executed a new move involving leaping from pause table onto stage bout 1 feet away. Den some Chinese opera singers began singing in a high pitched, shrilled voice, cldnt appreciate it n v sneaked out 2 next door 2 hv Ampang yong tau foo 4 brunch.

At d end, an elderly gentleman gave me d thumbs up 4 my dance routine … groovy.


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