Saturday, January 28, 2006

Holidays n vacations - d Beach

'D beach! d beach!'

8 July 2005 - Port Dickson beach

1st time at d beach n wat a blast! Couldnt stop running along d sandy beach, down 2 d water’s edge 2 greet d waves n scampered off again b4 dey could get me. Learnt some doggy paddle moves in d process of retrieving my ball from d sea. Drank too much salt water n stomach felt quesy ... 4 awhile.

Sea was pretty calm n it was low tide soon after. So lotsa wet space 2 run in n just luv d splish-splash. Caught some frisbees. Tried 2 bury my ball in d sand n found out dat it was more fun burying my face in it instead. Owners hd a tough time getting all d sand off me. Excellent. Hv 2 start saving 4 dat home by d sea.

Wanna c a really happy mutt at d beach ... try Beach bums n Doggie paddle clips.

'Wat, time 2 go ... u gotta b kidding rite.'

10–13 Nov 2005 - Bon Ton Resort, Langkawi Island

'Not bad ... no doggie bowl tho'

'Time 2 tan my ass ... I'm all 4 nude sunbathing.'

Maiden trip 2 an island resort. Hd 2 fly via Msian Airlines cargo n d fare was pretty cheap, cheaper den being left alone at a boarding home. Only downside was being cooped up in my crate for > 3 hrs …well, no pain, no gain. Resort had a peaceful Balinese setting n v stayed in a well equipped Malay attap house with cool décor n bold colours.

'Cats here, there n everywhere...boss, u sure v r in d rite resort??!'

Dey also maintained a shelter 4 felines n K9s. There were cats lounging all over d resort n I hd 2 b on leash so as not 2 cause a riot. Took a lot of will power 2 hold back my hunt n chase instincts but got fairly used 2 d cats by d 4th day. But dis was only after an early morning incident ven I cldnt resist d lure n gave chase. 2 cut a long story short … cat climbed up a tree n I ended up in d pool n my owner hd 2 fish me out. How embarrassing, cats always seem 2 hv d upper hand. Thankfully, there werent any other guests around at d time.

'Bring on d waves, dude!'

'Oh errr, take it easy ... nice wave, nice wave.'

Beach was bout 15 min walk away n I hd a splendid time in d clear waters n sand. Played with other vacationers as well. Rained every now n den, n d waves were bit strong so I needed 2 time my ball retrieve just rite, otherwise there’ll b salt n sand in my pants. All dat playing gave me a good appetite.

Holidays n vacations r absolutely fun, looking forward 2 d next trip.


Blogger Amanda85 said...

hi there.....
ur blog is so packed!! so many things to write...

yalo....during the holidays, busy on worked n then now busy on studies again..... to earn a degree is not easy lol.....too much assignment to do.....n pacco also got no more daily weekly walk onli....haha...

the most recent one, Dog Gala @ Summit USJ during CNY 2006....i didn't receive news about it at all.....n when i saw those pic in ur blog, only i realize that i miss that sad...

btw, can u send me some pic on yesterday jt?? i didn't bring my camera.....

4:25 PM  
Blogger Amanda85 said... email is

4:26 PM  
Blogger Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Thks 4 visiting. Will keep u informed bout future events.

Dun hv much JT pics of Paco, most of dem r a blur as he was running pretty fast. Will send u wat I hv.

12:42 AM  
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