Wednesday, February 08, 2006

D catchiest sport in town – Frisbee

Frisbeeeeeee - K9 disc sport

'If dogs cld fly ... my impersonation of a swallow.'

Not my pet sport but enjoy catching a couple every now n den, especially ven other mutts r around … quite possessive of my things even if dey arent actually my fav items. Am a certified ball addict so d frisbee takes a back seat most of d time. Hv also ended up with occasional cuts on my tongue from catching hard plastic discs. Mayb hv yet 2 learn d proper technique of catching dese mini-UFOs. My owners hv switched 2 d softer nylon fabric disc n dis is easier on d mouth, however dese discs r hard 2 find here.

Not an easy sport 2 get stuck in2 n requires great jumping ability n agility on d dog’s part. Also requires coordinated limbs on d owner’s part ven it comes 2 throwing d disc, coz nothing irritates us mutts more den thrown discs which seem 2 flip n flop all over d place n den head straight 4 d drain. Sheesh!

Basically 2 categories of disc sports – distance n freestyle. As d name suggests, d distance event objective is 2 record d most successful catches over a specified distance – short or long. In freestyle, teams r given 1-2 min to perform a routine of acrobatic catches in sync with music. D idea is 2 put in d most innovative n varied jump n catch combinations, well choreographed 2 impress d judges. Very exciting sport with mutts appearing d b flying n managing some impressive hang time b4 plucking d disc from d air.

Hvnt caught many dogs doing it here, perhaps more so bcoz of deir owner’s inability 2 come 2 grips with dis elementary toy. D lack of large open dog friendly spaces also dun help d cause. Hv only seen Hana, Jojo, Hannah and a black Lab attempting 2 go airborne. 2 catch local mutts having a go, check out Frisbee nuts I.

Can b quite a rush if u get it right n just manage 2 connect with a disc which seemed 2 b heading off d radar screen. D ideal game 2 b playing in a park n beach setting, very cool indeed.

'My best impersonation of a kangaroo...'


Blogger Cyth said...

Finally, someone i knew from the doggy community. Have a nice stay over here

11:56 AM  
Blogger Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Guess dog blogs arent dat popular yet n people prefer writing bout demselves. Urs seems 2 b a mish- mash of everything n anything.

8:14 PM  
Blogger Cyth said...

yeah....well, it's Nairud's AbandonEment of Life mah :P everything also rojak

12:12 PM  

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