Thursday, September 28, 2006

Too fast, too furious on RDO day

24 Sept 2006 - Responsible Dog Ownership Day, BU park
Image Hosted by 'My little friend ...'

It’s d annual puppycom RDO day again at BU park. Owner got a spanking new DSLR camera - Canon 400D n he is back 2 his old groove snapping pics of every Max, Fido n Dido on d day. Just dis once, am letting him indulge in posting up his shots on my blog … after which, I’ll hv 2 impose a site rental fee just 2 keep everything at arms length. Just bcoz v live under d same roof dun mean dat v cant do business with each other.
Here r my choice votes for ...
Best dressed n Most adorable
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Best dressed: Hair clip category
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'Oops, didnt mean to drool all over ur face.'

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Image Hosted by 'Any1 looking for a sloppy, wet kiss ...'

Image Hosted by Ok, back 2 d serious stuff den n RDO hd lotsa games scheduled 4 d day. Early morning showers threatened 2 wash out d event but d clouds soon cleared 4 a fairly cool day.
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Took part in d Fastest Recall, OB-Agi n Obstacle races, was in pretty good form n bundled away with d top prizes in dese events. Pacco d Black Devil n sprinting kaki, certainly gave me a run 4 d money with her swift gallops n she took 2nd place in d recall n obstacle races as well. V r hard to beat in d running events, hence our nicknames … D Land Torpedo n Roadrunner.

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'd Roadrunner has runneth ...'

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'Scruffy, me n Pacco with our prize haul.'

Being competitive nuts, my owners also decided 2 hv a go at d Longest Sit Stay n Leash d Dog games aka Heeling with toilet paper as leash. Needless 2 say, I didnt do too well here … mistook d event as another race n upon hearing d whistle, sprinted like a greyhound 2 d finish line leaving d toilet paper leash in ruins. Image Hosted by Even better was d sight of my owner being dragged along 4 d ride n her hat flying off in d opposite direction, ha ha. Goes 2 show dat OB related games n speedsters dun really go hand in hand.

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Image Hosted by Piper n Dookie, mother n son JRT duo, fared better at d stay n fastest eating competitions n took home a neat haul of prizes as well. Dunno how Piper does it, winning prizes at d sit stay competitions with regular ease. 30 secs into d sit stay competition n I’ll b frowning, twitching n itching as if some fungal infection hd developed on my rear end from having 2 stay still 4 dat long.

Image Hosted by Best part of d day was d customary dip n roll around in mud n playing ball with me mates towards d end. Played like there’s no tomorrow n didnt leave d park till late evening, nice.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Happy Mud'day!

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Image Hosted by 'Dats me, trying 2 harness all my psychic powers to move d ball.'

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usYeah, b'day falls on 31 Aug … every1 usually look forward 2 it coz it’s also a national holiday, Merdeka Day. Instead of d regular cakes n treats dat dogs r lavished with, my owners decided 2 do something different n joined Russell n Jojo for deir dock diving escapades.

Image Hosted by V gathered at a disused pond leftover from construction works. Pretty decent size n fairly clean if u dun mess up d water, but if u jump into it … den it turns into kopi kau, really brown n murky coz all d mud is actually at d bottom of d pond. Dey even hd a makeshift dock, bout 4 feet long with a towel spread for grip. Deir owners never cease to amaze me by deir innovative ideas for dog sports.
'All dock dogs hv 2 bring deir own towels d next time around.'

Image Hosted by'Russell, showing all d right moves!'

Idea is 2 jump off d dock as far as u cn n make d biggest splash possible, longest distance wins. Russell was already a pro n kept having a go at it, diving n swimming non stop 4 d entire session. Reminded him dat he wld develop wrinkles n shriveled paws if he dun get of d water real soon, but he just wldnt listen. Wld certainly give any Portugese Water dog a run 4 deir money.

Image Hosted by 'Oh err ... u mind getting my ball on ur way back.'

Image Hosted by I cldnt quite figure d sport out so I chickened out. Really dun mind d water, splashes n all dat but diving off a dock is certainly novel to me n may hv 2 get in more practice b4 attempting dis. As it is, hv only bn 2 d beach twice n am still a novice swimmer.

'Remember dat psychic stuff at d beginning of d blog ... well I hvnt given up yet.'

Actually if my owner hd jump into d pond as well, I may hv followed suit. But he didnt, so I didnt. Well Jojo, d smarty pants, also didnt dive in as well so there must b a reason 4 all dis … heard her mentioning bout some Loch Ness creature residing in d pool, creepy stuff.

Image Hosted by 'Ok, ok, u guard d front whilst I guard d back.'

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'Yes there r a couple of dogs in there ... somewhere.'

Image Hosted by Nevertheless, being a disused construction area, it was swell terrain 4 exploration n play. I hd a brilliant time coz there was mud aplenty here, there n everywhere. Rolled in it, dug in it, hid my ball in it, stuffed my face in it, u name it … I did it. Washing up was beginning 2 look like a real nightmare 4 my owners but let’s not worry bout such inconsequential matters. We live 4 d moment.

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'King of d docks, taking time off to smell d weeds ...'
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'King of d mudpatch, taking time off to guard his mudpatch ...'

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