Thursday, October 29, 2009

So you think you can Dance?

Heelwork to music, Musical freestyle, Dog dancing ... whatever you call it, I personally prefer Freestyling coz that means anything goes and your owner cannot fault you on it. My fav freestyle move is the 'Jumping Jacks' (above pic).

This I do a lot and involves hopping on and off your owner like a Energizer Bunny. Owners don't like this as this throws them off guard and messes up the dance routine, big time! We then have to go into impromptu mode, relying on creative moves, tricks and more jumps ... which is my intention all along. Well, there can only be 1 leading man on the dance floor.

At times, when I am not myself, I may actually dance in rhytmn with my owners. Yes, I can actually synchronize and move in tandem with the humans, executing the 'Both' (above pic) and 'Twirl' and 'Who's the boss?' (below pics) with swift precision.

There are times I don't read their body language very well and try to improvise ... above pic has me trying out a new 'Jitterbug' step. And if I don't really get what they are doing, I just stand there and laugh out loud at their incoherent steps. Hey, what happened to the routine we were going through for the last couple of weeks ... (below pic)

On more formal occassions like during public performances, it can be thin line between a well orchestrated dance routine and an overly animated JRT running circles around his owner ... I kind of like the latter.

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