Friday, May 18, 2007

Dog events for dog people

13 May 2007, PetnYou trials, BU park
'Check out my cool hairdo, dude'
'Huh, more like bad hair day, I reckon'

'Committee n sponsors'
'Picnic in d park with Oreo'

Time out 4 some genuine dog sports n activities at d Petnu 2nd Agility n OB trials. Was looking forward 2 it coz d last time v hd any real competition was in Jan at d PAAPP trials.
'Smarty pants JRT n cheeky Chihuahua'

There were bout 20 participants for agility trials n 17 teams for OB, fairly good turnout considering most humans were also celebrating Mother’s Day last Sunday. Agility teams were mainly me mates from d Pentnu club n v already knew each other’s quirks n running styles pretty well.

Agility Challenge
'Chester waching d girls go by...'

Great to c d MKA team of David n Chester (Border Collie) joining us n dey did nicely for demselves taking 2nd place in Novice Agility. Chester hd a big white, fluffy mane n was a little excitable at d weaves n Aframe, hence incurred a couple of faults on d way. Guess he was a little distracted by another lady Collie, Angel, who won d Novice Agility title. Heard dat he’ll b attending more trials in d future as d views n babes at dese events cn b rather pleasing on d eyes, sweet!
Archer (MS) n Joey (GSD) also put in commendable runs. Archer, being d anxious runabout Schnauzer dat he is, managed 2 stay focused on his handler throughout d course n took home a prize. Joey hs not been in practice for a long time but still ran decently enuf 2 garner prizes in both Jumpers classes. Nice one.

Pacco (Mixy) n Russell (JRT) took d elimination route in Novice Agility as dey decided dat d trials can't b as important as a stroll in d inviting parklands, surely. Nevertheless, dey’ve already made it 2 d podium in d earlier Jumpers event.

'Guess v'll b sharing dis tree trunk for d rest of d day.'

'Wat do u mean, r v there yet? V r only at d starting line'
Course layout for both Jumpers classes were fairly straightforward. Judge was less forgiving in d Novice Agility class n set up several enticing traps n demanding 180 degree turns in wat was a short n sharp course.

'Here v go!' - agility pics courtesy of Orlson/ Nairud

I ran a swift Clean Run in Novice Jumpers which was over in 18 secs, n left d crowd wondering 'wat was dat?'. Novice Agility 1st run - was still in Jumpers mode n nonchalantly cruised over any hurdle dat fell into my line of sight n fell for d trap, hook line n sinker. 2nd run, momentarily lost sight of d last obstacle (closed tunnel) … must b d shiny prizes n shimmering foil bags of dog food which dazzled me for an instance as I whizzed by, but recovered in time 2 complete d run.

Part of d faults hv 2 b credited 2 my owner who was hit by stomach ache n leg cramps, hence wasn’t as attentive during d runs. He lamented not having a proper breakfast, having to run 4x in d agility trials under d sun, having to perform d heelwork to music demo plus an encore to boot, as d root causes of his poor physical shape in d latter stages. Hey, I went thru d same activities n hd 2 do all d running n jiving as well, so u hd better shape up or ship out! … ha ha, just kidding. Instead, I forgave him (only for dis time) … coz dogs dun sweat d small stuff.

Notwithstanding d faults incurred, my times were still fast enuf to take both Novice titles. Not bad 4 half a day’s work.

OB Challenge
Trials saw a good mix of teams from d popular dog clubs n training schools, including MKA n PPcom. Million d Sheltie shone once again n heeled away with d Pre Novice n Novice titles.

Owner was tempted 2 enrol me 4 d OB trials but couldnt as both agility n OB were running concurrently. Phew, thank goodness … anything 2 do with standing, sitting n staying still is taboo 2 me. I keep telling my owners dat such exercises serve no purpose except to gv me rashes on my buttocks, but dey dun seem 2 believe me anymore.

K9 Xgames
Day ended with d Xgames n Pacco n Scruffy took centre stage. Pacco swept d Long Jumper n Top Trick prizes and Scruffy won d Top Model n Total Recall titles. Pacco made up for her agility elimination walkabout by putting in some cool moves n jigs 2 impress d crowd … sweet!
'Pacco - Longest Jumper n Junior - tricky Silky'

Not forgetting, v also gave a Heelwork 2 Music demo in between events n nailed most of my moves 2 d crowd’s delight. My exhausted owner tried to keep up with my wiggles n woggles as much as he cld, n he almost went AWOL ven d MC cheekily asked 4 an encore which I obliged. He needs more exercise, my human.

'D side step'

'D forward n reverse'
'D wiggle, woggle'

Was certainly swell 2 b part of an event which genuinely showcases dog sports n activities in d country n celebrates d innate talents in all K9s. 'Happy Dog' were d generous sponsors 4 d event.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

PetnYou 2nd Agility n OB trials - 13 May, 2007

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Get set 4 more competitive n exciting dog sports at d PetnYou 2nd Agility & OB Challenge at Bandar Utama Central Park on Sunday 13 May ... all dogs, owners n handlers r invited. Dis is d premier dog sporting event in town whereby every1 is encouraged 2 partake.

No exorbitant entrance fees n certainly no limitation of participants 2 a select crowd, which happens 2 b an unhealthy practice by certain training schools. Certain of dese schools even go as far as 2 discourage deir trainees from taking part in such 'non-sanctioned' events, which does nothing at all 4 d development of dog sports in dis country. As it is, dogs hv a fairly short lifespan n owners shld know n do wats best 4 deir dogs by giving dem every opportunity 2 grow n develop in such sports.

To encourage dog sports n activities, PetnYou events r always open 2 all. Here, d competition is open, fair, keen,safe n pleasant 4 all K9s. Winners n K9 athletes r genuinely celebrated, encouraged 2 perform n excel in deir chosen discipline. Way 2 go!

Event is geneorusly sponsored by 'Happy Dog' n door gifts will b handed out 2 all who turn up on d day. 2 cater 2 all dog lovers, casual doggie games will also b in 2 offering, which includes d popular 'Top Dog Model', d new 'Total Recall', d athletic 'Long Jumper' n d creative 'Top Trick Dog'.

4 details, check out Happy Dogs!

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