Saturday, May 23, 2009

Watching paint dry

Been off the blogger boil for quite awhile as Mr Owner is too preoccupied with maintaining another site, but I managed to sneak in this post. What hv I been up to? Not much, here's Cami and I watching paint dry ...
Very poor paint job, I must say haha! Not quite, actually its our owners trying to be funny by hanging out our fav frisbees to dry on the training school walls ... humans are truly weird creatures. Naturally we had to be vigilant as there are a lot of other dogs out there who would give up their kibble just to get a hold of our frisbees and chew on them. So we sat and waited and waited and waited ... Cami even prayed for divine intervention so that she could have her disc back.

JRTs aren't known for their patience and after staring aimlessly for a couple of minutes, I knew that I had to get this done on my own accord as this is seriously eating into my precious playtime. After much thought, I tried the 'Cliffhanger' approach of rock climbing up the wall but the surface didn't have enough holds to get into spidey mode.

Had to rethink my strategy and after much deliberation, I did what any friendly neighbourhood JRT would do in such a situation ... hop and jump like mad and hope for the best to knock off the darn frisbee from the wall!

So there you have it, a jumping jack bouncing of the school walls ... all in want of a frisbee. It was quite a scene and the humans had a grand time being amused by my antics. But I had the last laugh and in 1 deft jumping motion, managed to unhinge the disc from the nail. Will now think thrice about sharing my toys with anymore humans.

What about Cami, well she's still waiting by the wall ... hoping for Humpty Frisbee to fall ...

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