Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bed n breakfast at Russ & Jo’s

18 - 22 Dec 2006Image Hosted by
Whilst my owners were away on holidays in S’pore, I took d rare opportunity to bunk in at me mates’, Russell n Jojo, brand new home in Shah Alam. Stayed over for 4 nites n even brought along my fav paw-shaped bed so dat I’ld feel rite at home sleeping outdoors with dem.
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‘V share our beds’

Russell fancied my cozy bed n kept rubbing his scent onto it, leaving a bundle of his Cocker fur in d process. Russ is a pretty timid n easy going kinda guy so I dun mind sharing my stuff with him. He too let me sneak into his rattan basket bed every now n den. Mind u, v dun sleep with each other … just side by side n up close, just like all good buddies do. Needless 2 say, my bed was really messy n furry at d end. He also hs dis queer habit of dragging his butt along d ground whenever it itches, must b all dat fur growing on his bum.
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‘V pose together, bow together n wait together …’

Jojo, now she’s a harder nut to crack coz she’s smart n much bigger n meaner looking den me. V both cn b fairly dominant so I dare not push my weight around too much. Hd a small argument over Jojo’s chew bone but dat was it. V shared treats n hd dinner together, quite surprising as I’m usually possessive over my things, being d lone dog in my household. Hey, she even taught me how 2 greet d garbage men in d mornings; just bark out loud! … pity dey didn’t stay long enuf 2 hear our crescendo.

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‘V show off our funny side …’
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‘V wait for our turn … to chew d bone’

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‘V can’t wait to go to d park.’

Deir owner, Shirley, took us 4 morning walks n evening play at d serene park n lake area nearby. Nice landscape, lotsa space n hardly any1 around, just perfect. Hd 2 wait 4 my turn in between play coz she hd 2 throw d stone 4 Russ, den d stick 4 Jo n finally d ball 4 me. Wld hv bn easier on her throwing arm if every1 just agreed 2 play with d humble tennis ball.

Time certainly flies ven u r having fun n my vacation was over too soon. Thks Shirley n Gabriel 4 having me around. Sorry bout messing up ur car n porch after my many muddy escapades. Look forward 2 d park outings again.
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‘V run like d wind …’

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‘V fly thru d air …’

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‘V enjoy life …’

Monday, December 18, 2006

Xmas wishes n wish nots

Image Hosted by 'My mini Xmas tree ... so small dat I cant even hang on d greeting cards from Hana, Jojo n Russell'

Got tagged twice by Russell n Sasha n will hv to share my 3 most desirable dream gifts for Xmas n 3 more dat I cn do without, so here goes:

1. Wish 2 gather enuf running mates 2 form d 1st ever national agility team 2 take part in d World Agility Championships in Europe. Of course, dis is only a pretense 4 us 2 go on a holiday in an exotic country with minimal quarantine hassles ... heh heh

2. Wish 4 d day ven d sit/ stand/ down stay exercises r removed from OB trials. If God wanted us to stay at 1 spot for such long periods, he wldnt hv given us 4 legs for mobility.

3. Wish 2 c d day ven doggie events will include d 'Triple D challenge' aka 'D Dirtiest Dog' challenge in their line up of games 4 d day ... only den cn I show d public my true colours n mettle in mud sports.
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Wish nots
1. Wish not 2 receive any doggie attire or costume as a Xmas prezzie. Dogs look good ven naked ... trust me on dis 1.

2. Wish not 2 hear of anymore politics amongst d local dog community whereby dog associations n clubs only attend their own events n discourage their members from attending others. D real losers here r d dogs coz as it is, there's a dearth of dog activities in dis country.

3. Wish not 2 c mindless OB training sessions whereby mutts r made 2 walk aimlessly in circles, up n down a straight line countless times ... without any motivation, reward or play from d humans. Dogs live 2 play n play v must, to live.

Anyway its d holidays, owners r going 2 Spore 4 a short break n I'm also taking a well deserved break from dem. Will b bunking in at Russell n Jojo's new home n dey hv a nice small muddy patch in deir garden just waiting 4 d right mutt 2 come along ...

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'Will hv to put up with dese 2 ... wish me luck'


Monday, December 11, 2006

Beach bums at Pulau Sibu -Part II

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‘Damp n cool trek thru leafy jungle’

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ‘D resident dogs - local wrestling tag team champs’

Image Hosted by Jungle trekking
Went for a short jungle trek to Rimba Resort at d north of island. Secluded n very clear waters. Met a couple of local dogs on d beach, big muscular Bull Terrier mixed. Tried 2 put on a brave front n scare dem away but dey were friendly enuf n werent even bothered bout our presence. Hmmm, must work on my ‘Mean n Angry’ routine a bit more.

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‘Russell n his pet rock’

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‘Our 1 dog tents’

Image Hosted by ‘Our Aframe accommodation’

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‘Our spacious courtyard, dotted with coconut trees’

Brought along our tents 2 keep d mozzies away just in case v werent allowed inside d Aframes. Was a cool experience sleeping under d stars n listening 2 d waves breaking on d shore. Was only a basic fair weather tent, hence began 2 leak after a prolonged downpour. V put on our best behavior n resort did allow us in d chalets provided v slept in our crates.
Image Hosted by ‘Russell gets into d ball act as well’

Image Hosted by
‘Outdoor rhythmic gymnastics’

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
‘Very creative jumps n pause table’

Beach agility
Russell’s owners were truly innovative n made simple jumps out of available n natural materials eg. coconuts, sticks n floats. Looked good n were a delight 2 use. Russell n I got a refresher course in basic agility while on holiday.
Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
‘Inflatable hoop jump’

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
‘Dogwalking on tree trunk’ … ‘There’s even a seesaw at d jetty’

Island hopping
Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
‘Speedboat easy riders’

Image Hosted by‘Our very own desert island’

Hopped into d boat n onto a secluded scenic island. Beautiful soft white sand n u cld even spot some fishes in d calm sea. Russell went snorkeling with his owners whilst I went up 2 a honeymooning couple 2 c if dey wld play frisbee with me. Dey tried but deir throwing skills were below par so I didn’t bother dem again.

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‘Oi, where’s everybody? … well, Russell’s still swimming around.’

Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
‘… n I’m still looking 4 strangers 2 play with.’

Image Hosted by

At nite ven d moon is shining, u cld get in2 a really neat activity called crab hunting. Dese tiny shelled creatures wld pop out of d sand as if 2 say hi n ven u approach dey wld disappear just as quickly. Tried to gv chase but deir funny sideways scurrying style always sent me going in d wrong direction … hv yet 2 figure dis 1out n is on my list of things to work on.

Coconut plucking
Our owners got a tad over ambitious n decided dat mayb v cld also partake in d local island past time of plucking coconuts. Easier said den done, coz 1st u've 2 climb up d blooming tree which was a tall order. D local monkeys werent around so v cldnt sneak away. Hv 2 agree with Russell's snide comment, 'Why climb ven u cn swim?'

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‘Plucking coconuts??!! … our sheepish looks says it all.’
‘If dogs were meant for dis, God wldnt hv created monkeys …’

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by ‘Still, v hd a bountiful harvest.’

Chilling out
After all dat, v were dead tired n agreeably sat down, relaxed n spared time 2 take in d scenery n clean air. Russell n I even allowed ourselves 2 b covered with sand 4 some well deserved beach therapy. Not my idea of fun coz u cant scratch or lick urself at all during d sand bake.

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‘D beach spa - sand therapy session’

Resort was cool bout us hanging around d bar area as our owners hd deir regular drinks. Hana in particular looked very contented n calm as she stared into d sea … must b thinking bout our next trip!

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‘Hana, enjoying d sun … n in meditation mode’

Image Hosted by
‘In a sentimental mood’

Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
‘D 3 musketeers signing off …’

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