Sunday, September 30, 2007

4 1/2 JRTs, 2 GRs, 1 Mixy n 1 BC at PD

Sun, sea, sandcastles, surfer dudes n beach babes ... life dun get better den dis! Here's our group photo n dats Money, d half JRT at d far right. As u cn c, she's not too keen on group photos.Reached d seaside town of Port Dickson at 8.15 am n v hurried along to a secluded beach. Was a perfect sunny morning n Prince d GR was planning a peaceful n serene walk on d beach, bonding with his human,
n playing with his fav ball ... That was b4 d JRTs arrived ...
... n suddenly, dey were all over d place. Dats Bank d GR trying to figure which tail belonged to whom. Mine's d white 1 with a slight hook.

Dey were here, there n everywhere ...
dey were pushing, pulling, tugging n tearing ... n getting into scuffles, me included!N I even brought along my surfboard to conquer d waves ... dats Dookie d water JRT, trying it out.Meanwhile, d GRs displayed deir natural talents at water sports n Bank decided to go with d 'butterfly' stroke instead of d tried n trusted doggie paddle. Attempted to retrieve his ball from d sea but gv up halfway n was struggling to keep up with Prince to reach d shore. Hd his humans worried for a mo ... n den Prince stood up n told Bank dat it was only 1 ft deep n he cld walk safely to land.

Wat an anti-climax! ... some of us were already putting on our red shorts/ bikinis n diving in 'Baywatch' style to rescue him.
He sniggered at us ... so v dried ourselves in his face!

Den Russell n JRT n Angel d BC showed d GRs d proper way to swim n retrieve in water.

Dookie, 'Woah Angel, dats some serious leakage u hv there!'

Pacco doing her best impersonation of a seal sunbathing on a rock.

Money also tried d surfboard but I think she prefers swimming. So it was up to me to show how it was done ... Bring on d waves, dude! Just kidding coz dis being d west coast, u dun really get any big waves, besides it was coming on to low tide anyway. No waves ... suits me just fine.

Dookie also hd a go ...

Prince doing his best David Hasselhorf impersonation ... minus d red trunks.N d action moved onto d beach ... whereby d fast n furious were having deir races n playing catch me if u cn!At 1 stage, I thot I was in a race with a 2 headed dog ... must b d heat gettng to me.

Ok, ok, I'll come peacefully ... take me to ur leader.Den d sandcastle building competition began n v hd to amuse our humans so dat dey cld show off deir sculpting skills. Dey werent very good. Piper, 'Hey dis isnt so bad ... u even get to pose with d Sphinx on dis beach, sweet!'

Dookie, 'Err, u guys cn stop digging now ... dey hv found Groovy under another pile.'

Things were beginning to wind down n most of us were taking a break under d shade. Pacco thot it was opportune to try some sexy seaside poses ... which caused Dookie to scamper away.Finally, I hd d beach all to myself ... total bliss. V hd our customary group pics b4 parting n u cld tell dat v were pooped from all dat activity. Some of us didnt even know where d cameraman was ...Was a groovy time a d beach n cant wait for d next seaside vacation ...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dog Carnival 2007

With a record number of > 60 entries in OB n Agility trials, d 2007 Dog Carnival is nicely poised to b d premier dog sporting event in town. Day began as early as 8am with OB Intermediate trials which saw 2 GRs from Penang competing. Deir retrieving exercises were fairly impressive n its hard to beat d GRs in dat dept. Personally, I wldnt hv picked up dat weird looking dumbbell for anything in d world … it dun even look like a toy in d 1st place.

Novice class followed suit with me trekking mate - Venus d MS, showing her class in d heeling exercises to end up as champs. 2nd n 3rd places went to d 2 GRs from Penang, Quinssie n Golden. Our northern counterparts seem to having a field day at d OB trials. Fortunately, v hd Venus on our side to prevent d Penang GRs from sweeping d OB titles.

PreNovice class saw a big turnout of 18 teams n d competition heated up on a bright, sunny morning. Once again, Venus displayed admirable consistency to heel her way into 1st place, sweet stuff! Was certainly encouraging to see a large crowd gathering at d OB ring to observe d competition n lend support to teams n fellow dog lovers.

Basic Jumpers commenced at 8.30am which saw a competitive turnout of 16 teams. On leash runs with treats n toys were permitted in dis class to allow every1 to have a go at agility sport. Was great to see teams from MKA n Puppycom taking part as well n goes to show dat PetnU events r always seen as fair n fun for all.

In d mini category, there were some nice surprises. 1st timer, Money d Mixed Terrier, produced consistent jumps n a clean run to take 1st place, n dis was despite having only attended a few lessons at our YMCA grounds. Also, huge effort by Kito d Shih Tzu who upstaged d rest of d field with exemplary drive n a clean run to take runners-up spot … now who says dat Shih Tzus r only good for grooming competitions!

In d maxi category, me training mate -Sissy d Mixy peaked at d right moment to secure d title. Wat was usually a slow, steady n composed lady, blazed d course in 20s flat with no faults, nice.

Novice Agility was up next with 10 teams, 7 from d PetnU Dog Squad. Course was fairly straightforward with a couple of traps thrown in. 1st time dat I was running with Ms Owner n she’s just as fast, if not faster den Mr Owner, so dat suits me just fine. Mr Owner ran with me in d new Gamblers class instead n v took home d bacon in both classes … which goes to show dat d silly ‘1 Handler, 1 Dog’ rule as conjured up by d puppy people hv no place in proper dog trials n events (Old K9 proverb: 'U cn fool most humans most of d time, but u cant fool most dogs most of d time').

D Dog Squad of Cami d Cairn Terrier, Archer d MS n I ran away with d mini dogs’ titles. In d maxi category, Chester d Border Collie came thru with an exuberant run to top d class. Sissy again produced a decent run to take 2nd spot. D heat must hv started to get to d teams as clean runs were hard to come by in Novice class.

My pal - Bank d GR was first up n delivered d scroll with precision to d VIP to officially launch d Carnival … no hesitating, no posturing n most crucially, no salivating. Next was myself grooving to d upbeat hit ‘Lollipop’ by Mika as part of d musical freestyle demo. D new DJ wasn’t up to mark n fumbled in d acoustics dept, so me n Mr Owner hd to improvise a little. After d routine, an elderly gentleman even gv me a pet on my head … he seemed to b having a good time as he even brought along his own set of wheels to navigate round d park.

Bank took center stage again to deliver 3 roses to a bemused dog lover – Carrie … dis being part of a surprise marriage proposal initiated by her boyfriend Victor, also a dog lover. Victor felt dat d date of d Carnival, falling on 9/9 n graced by d presence of K9s, was auspicious enuf for him to garner up all his courage to ask for her hand of marriage in front of hundreds of dogs n humans. Bank took his time to hand over d roses which left Victor feeling nervy for awhile, but both got d job done in d end n wedding bells were ringing in d air. Congratulations to Victor n Carrie, for being d 1st couple ever to get hitched at a dog event, how cool is dat!

Bank aka Mr Casanova is now officially offering similar services for a very reasonable fee of 3 bones n 1 packet of Doggyman treats.

By now, d crowd was all ready to partake in d games which included d new n intriguing David n Goliath (Tiniest n Largest Dogs), Most Adorable Pup, D Longest Tail, 30 Secs to Fame n D High Jumper.

Most Adorable Pup showcased a number of irresistible young guns ranging from d seriously shy to d downright cheeky ones n Elmo d teacup sized Silky charmed d judges to take d title. Reckon dat I wld hv given him a run for d money in d charisma dept but my owner said dat I was too old n overqualified, so I was left contemplating wat cld hv bn. Naturally, d title of Biggest Dog in d park went to a Great Dane n Tiniest Dog went to a Chihuahua … wat a contrast in terms of size!

My long time fren - Odie d Tenterfield Terrier hd a winning jump of 30” in d Mini High Jumper category whilst Pacco retained d Maxi High Jumper title with a massive record jump of > 40”, n dis was done with hardly any run-up, simply amazing! She later told me dat she only produces such inspiring moments ven there r treats n prizes at stake. D 3 sisters – Amber, Chloe n Faith also went home with prizes in d 30 Secs to Fame, Longest Tail n High Jumper games.

2007 Dog Carnival turned out to be a neat event for dogs n dog lovers alike. D trials attracted a record number of entries n d K9 X-Games also garnered much interest. This bodes well for dog sports n enthusiasts of d game. Now, if only d rest of d dog organisations wld get off deir high horses n organise similar events, den it wld really b something to look forward to. As it is, only PetnU n PAAPP Penang r conducting trials n it is events like these dat showcase our versatility, talent n natural bond with humans. … v r not only good for casual puppy games u know.

More exciting photos cn b viewed at PetnU Gallery. Official results of trials r available at PetnU Carnival.

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