Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Splashing time at KKB falls

Another impromptu trip n dis time to Kuala Kubu Baru waterfalls, bout 1 hr n 15 min drive up north on d old highway. Went with JT n Low Yat forum gang which saw > 20 dogs tagging along. D waterfalls r located next to a refurbished ‘orang asli’ village in Pertak, n d stream flowed into a huge reservoir.

D area is surrounded by rolling hills, lush jungle n greenery … very scenic, I must say. Certainly hs a lot of potential as a eco-tourism area n ideal for picnics, but perhaps it’s best for us dat it remains largely undiscovered n secluded. Couldn’t get any decent shots of d surrounding area as d designated lookout point hs bn shrouded by trees, so v headed straight for d falls.

D indigenous people were friendly n even hd deir own dogs to help keep watch n accompany dem, cool. Wonder why people call dem primitive as I reckon dey must b pretty smart to hv figured out who 'Man's Best Friend' is ... way b4 d phrase was coined. Dogs in dis country will hv a better image if only d civilised society cn b more open n understanding bout K9s, something which d ‘orang asli’ folks hv bn doing for a long, long time. Think bout it ...

V played mostly downstream where d current was mild. D GRs were in deir element, swimming up n down, to n fro like true retrievers do n dey pretty much ruled d stream. Everywhere I turned, there dey were n I lost count at 6. Apart from d GRs, was a mixed lot with Schnauzers, Pekingese, Shih Tzus, JRTs, Dobermans, Mixys, a Lab, Beagle, Dalmation n Spaniel making waves.

Bar a couple of minor squabbles involving terriers (yet again) n a beagle, most got along n were well behaved. I was too busy playing to notice or mayb I’m just getting more mellow with age n not so keen on wrestling matches anymore … or maybe it’s just 1 of my rare off days. 1st time at d falls n tell u wat, d water is really cold, brrrrr … absolutely chilling! Even d humans kept deir clothes on mostly. No wonder d GRs with deir thick coats loved it. Did a little surfing on my board, swam a bit n it took awhile for some of us smaller dogs to figure out how to climb out of d stream.

D larger dogs hd it easier coz d stream was nose deep at parts so dey cld touch d bottom with deir hind legs n prop deir heads above water, tip toeing like d humans. Whereas smaller dogs like me hd to perform cliffhanging maneuvers at d riverbank rocks to inch our way up to dry land. Later, v discovered a more agreeable docking bay amongst d shrubs lower down.

Funny dat d taller n leggy dogs like Pacco n d Dobermans didnt take to d water as naturally. So dey basically tip toed in d stream whilst hanging on to deir owners' bums. Appeared to b a neat trick to do in d water n wld hv tried it if only I hd longer legs.
Many were keen on trying out d surfboard n after awhile, there was even a queue to get onto it. Here’s Venus in traditional surfer mode, Bentley in ninja surfer mode n Max d Lab trying to do a 2some with Piper … ever get dat sinking feeling? At 1 stage, Dookie got carried away n jumped onto Max’s head while in d water thinking he cld surf on top of dat as well??! … I pretended not to know him after dat.

GRs - Prince, Amber n Chloe were compulsive ball retrievers n even more so ven it comes to my tennis ball. So I hd to put on my power-suit aka ‘life vest’ to gv myself any chance of getting to d ball b4 d GRs do. With d suit, I got a much needed boost n cld actually swim up to 3x faster … floating was a piece of cake. Still no denying dat d GRs r natural born swimmers n dey got to my ball on most occasions.Then I figured dat I cld gain more distance by dock diving from d rocks at d riverbank. Was my 1st proper ‘rock dive’ n u know how it is ven my fav ball is at stake. D vest gave me new found confidence n surprised my owners by leaping d distance n creating quite a splash at d end of d dive …me mate Russell d Cocker - pro dock diver, wld hv bn proud. Yet another sport to get into, groovy!
D smaller dogs were also keen to try on d power-suit n dey found it very handy in water, so deir owners r already placing orders.

Come midday, most were ready to make a move but as I was already addicted to d dock diving bit, my owners decided to stay on for awhile. Later on, v scouted d river mouth n den moved upstream to d waterfalls where d water was crystal clear n large smooth boulders dotted d area. Current was stronger here so hd to b careful not to drop my ball in d swirling waters. Tried to con my owner to step into d deep end but he wasnt having any of dat, chicken.

Hd a swell time at d falls … totally cool place to hang out at.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Trekking with Terriers & an Angel

'Welcome to d jungle ...'
Went trekking at Gasing Hill recently n guess who tagged along, d Dog Squad terrier gang of Jr, Jackie n Russell. Was deir 1st time in d jungle, so I pretty much hd to show dem d ropes n proper jungle etiquette. D JRTs Jackie n Russell were true rascals, tugging, pulling n lunging for anything dat moves. Deir owners kept dem on leash mostly just in case. At times ven dey were allowed to run, dey kept coming n harassing me for my ball. I’m not too keen on sharing my stuff so I snarled n told dem to play with deir own.

Hv yet to figure out wat’s so tempting bout my ball, so much so dat most dogs tend to prefer playing with it rather then deir own toys. Mayb its d thrill of d chase … rather then d prize itself. Dogs cn b funny dat way.

Jr d Silky enjoyed running n getting all wet in d small pools n streams. As he hd a lot of long sweeping fur, he was a real sight ven soaked to d skin. Some of us thot he was a stray dog who joined in just for fun.

On another occasion, even Angel d Border Collie accompanied me for a trek. She sticks very close to her owner so she’s pretty reliable off leash n can walk on d beaten track. I prefer walking off d beaten track n am only dependable ven my tennis ball is in sight. Otherwise will b off hunting for furry jungle creatures n possibly end up upsetting d Gasing Hill eco-system in d process.

Now Angel is a true blue Collie n will always go into herding mode ven she notices me sprinting up n down for my prized ball. Gvs me d headaches ven she just keeps running circles around me ... n she dun stop till she's done 20 laps around me, seriously. This made me real giddy n was glad dat she finally took some time out to stay still n pose for photos.

Notice her silly grin as opposed to my seriously steadfast posture as I was trying very hard to steady myself n get my bearings in place. Even got to d stage whereby I hd to prop up an ear n a leg to prevent myself from tipping over.

For d next trek, will remind my humans to bring along a couple of real sheep to keep her occupied.

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