Sunday, February 18, 2007

Café Culture

Image Hosted by ‘All dressed up 4 a nite out … n 2 cover my wounds’

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‘Cool joint, even cooler name … n dey even provide a water bowl here, groovy!’

Since I'm out of action 4 a couple of weeks, my outdoor activities hv bn mostly limited 2 hanging around cafes, pubs n restaurants with my owners. Here’s my take on eating out n having a couple of drinks with ur humans.

Mutts arent normally welcomed at eateries, cafes n restaurants, especially in our country. Dat said, dis is a fairly flexible country n our motto is ‘Anything goes…’. So if u exercise some common sense n b mindful of other patrons, den a regular nite out with ur owners is a possibility.

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‘At some Japanese juice joint called Jushi’ … ‘There’s no better place 4 daydreaming …’

Hv been 2 a number of pubs, cafes, restaurants n coffee shops round PJ, Subang, Bangsar, Hartamas n BB areas with my owners n 2date v hv been welcomed at most outlets. Some thots 2 help u smuggle into cafes n adapt 2 d alfresco culture:

· Always pick cafes with outside seating, al fresco style. Try not 2 pick overly crowded cafes, lesser occupied 1s r more accommodating.

· Stick 2 Chinese, Japanese, Gwailoh, Indian (not mamak) hangouts.

· Always ask 4 permission 1st if going 2 new cafes. B friendly n courteous. If possible, get d ladies (gf, mom, aunt…not d dog) 2 do d asking as cafe owners tend 2 hv a soft spot 4 dem. Also, dey r generally perceived 2 hv small dogs, which brings us 2 d next point.

· Small dogs hv an advantage as dey r perceived 2 b quieter, manageable n more likely 2 go unnoticed. Large dogs will hv deir work cut out 4 dem n will really need 2 convince mgmt dat despite being gifted with a Bull Mastiff physique, u r actually a GR or Lab in disguise.

· Must b presentable, well groomed, spotless n with an agreeable smell. Must remain calm at all times … growling n barking is a definite no-no at d café.

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‘Good 4 watching d babes go by … B’sar’

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‘Great 4 dozing off …’

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‘Perfect 4 hanging about with d humans …’

· Shld remain on leash n on d floor, dun take up chair or table space - it only takes 1 customer 2 complain about d fur on her backside. Few establishments may allow ur dog 2 seat on d chair but do get deir permission 1st.

· Treat other patrons with respect, dun make a fuss at d premises n d patrons will do d same. Some will not even notice after awhile n treat u as a regular. D customer is always right - move 2 a more secluded table or another cafe, if necessary. Again, it only takes 1 customer 2 make a fuss…

· Small treats n water r fine but dun expect 2 b fed ur regular meal.

· Must b toilet trained, preferably 2 do it on grass. Shld also know how 2 alert owners ven its time 2 go. Better still, do it b4hand n find an area away n out of sight from eateries n patrons.

· Always leave d place as u found it, clean n tidy. Dun leave puddles n paw prints. B friendly 2 staff n tip if deserving. Leave a good impression n u’ll b more den welcome next time around.

Image Hosted by‘Recommended café behaviour 4 K9s … d lazy sit (cool shades optional),’

Image Hosted by‘d voluntary down,’

Image Hosted by‘d agreeable arm rest,’

Image Hosted by‘... n d definitive Nirvana position, bliss’

Seems like a hassle but dis r only minor inconveniences 2 put up with in order 2 spend more quality time with ur humans. Dis has allowed me 2 b included in many of my owners’ eating n drinking sessions … sure beats staying home alone. Hope it works for d adventurous amongst u.

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