Sunday, January 25, 2009

Splish, splash, I was having a bath!

Let me introduce you one of the most extreme dog sports I’ve ever indulged in … Big Splash! Quite similar to Dock Diving except there’s no dock to dive from and no pool to dive into. All you need is some rain and a waterlogged field, and you are set to go. When it comes to water sports, Msian dogs have to be fairly creative … just to make up for the lack of dog friendly swimming pools or lakes to paddle in.Just like agility, there are a few categories to excel at:

FROGGER: Simplest of the lot, basically involves sprinting across the wet field and the fastest over 50 m wins. Just have to be careful when sprinting like the wind on a slippery and sliding surface. Skimming or hopping works best, hence the name. Careful at the finish line … does take a little longer to come to a full stop.
SKIDMARKS: Extension of the Frogger game, K9 who is able to skid n slide the longest distance across mud and puddle before coming to a full stop takes the title. Very much like driving a car and drifting around corners … involves fine application of momentum and brake pads to dog-ski across the water.THE HEADBUTT: For the adrenalin junkies, dog has to dive head first into puddle to create the most memorable back-thrust of H20. You know you have succeeded when the audience can’t even see your head and shoulders. Helmets and goggles are optional.BIG CURL: A combo of all the above, whereby dog who creates the biggest, longest and most impressive wave-like splash takes this coveted title. Just about the closest thing you get to surfing, minus the beach.I love this Game!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Entertaining Cami

Cami came visiting last weekend and I was all eager to show her the new dog friendly outlets in town. Prior to that, we played frisbee at the park and I got a telling off by Ms Owner for performing too many dunks … in the mud puddles. Major clean up effort was required afterwards.For brunch, we tried the Fogal Deli & Restaurant in Plaza Damas (refer to my previous post for a review). Cami just loves attention from humans and she absolutely adores kids. So she plonked herself in front of the entrance and proceeded to greet each and every customer who stepped out from the shop. One kid even received a Cami’s special … a kiss on the lips. I am only sociable when my toys are up for grabs, otherwise I’ld rather just go into stakeout mode and keep an eye on the drain and floor cracks for rats and roaches.Well she did teach me a new move which came in very handy at cafes … ‘How to beg for leftovers’.

With soothing tiles on the corridor, we easily adjusted into lounging mode. Just the ideal place for sausage, eggs and bacon breakfast and waking up to a lazy weekend.At night, I brought her to my favourite hangout … Sid’s Pub in TTDI. I have rated this pub as 4 paws for being a truly dog friendly outlet. We managed to get the popular window seat at the entrance corner where you can catch all the action on the inside and outside.Cami immediately placed herself in front of the entrance in an attempt to steal some free belly rubs from the patrons. Then she tried out the leather pub benches and finally settled for the best seat in the house … the window sill. Despite all the noise and chatter, she succumbed into deep sleep for a good hour or so. You could be easily fooled into thinking that the resident black cat was snoozing on the ledge. A customer quipped that she must have had one too many drinks. She must have felt very much at home.Whilst she is very sociable with humans, K9s be prepared … don’t be fooled by her innocent, demure looks. She’s all terrier and like me, very possessive of her frisbee. Before the weekend was over, she got into a couple of scraps at the training field with fellow JRTs, Russell and Mei Mei. Russell for trying to steal her frisbee and Mei Mei for hogging the open tunnel. Being a real busybody, I also got into the act, and attempted to referee both wrestling matches. However, I got too excited and almost turned it into a threesome tag team match. Russell, being, truly thick skinned, was hardly bothered. Mei Mei, being an amateur wrestler, walked away with a cut on her ear. We both got a real dressing down from my owners for being such ruffians.
Was neat having her in the house … someone furry to fool around with finally. This visit, she certainly warmed up to my attention and I had a grand time chasing her around the apartment, playing bitey face, nippy snout and scruffy neck. Not very ladylike and fairly rough according to Mr Owner, but we like it that way. We even did it under the coffee table and lounge sofa … play wrestle, that is.

Certainly a far cry from entertaining myself with the resident stiffy chew bone, oddly shaped toy balls and fast exhausted owners.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dog friendly outlets - Groovy reviews

‘Star’ newspaper recently featured 6 F&B outlets as being pet/ dog friendly. This is certainly news to me as such publicized outlets are a rarity in this country. I took the opportunity to visit some of these outlets during the recent holiday season to verify their authenticity … that’s me, self appointed, independent F&B dog critic.

Palate Palate, Changkat Bukit Bintang
Trendy fine dining outlet popular amongst the KL socialites, hence can be rather pricey. Despite the detailed write-up on catering to dogs and even serving doggie biscuits, this outlet is only dog friendly on Sunday afternoons. Not sure if ½ a day in a week qualifies as dog friendly, but guess it is better than none. My vote: 1 paw, great looking café to lounge in but slightly misleading as a dog friendly establishment. By the way, I didn’t get in as my gullible owners didn’t read the ‘Sunday afternoons only’ fine print.

Market Place Restaurant, Jln Yap Kwan Seng
Fine dining fusion outlet with dog friendly staff and management. Plays chill out tunes catering to the lounge crowd. Limited menu and pricey. Cool multi-level club décor on the inside but dogs have to be seated outside. Basic al-fresco set up with a small shabby garden and BBQ pit … perhaps, still undergoing outdoor renovations. My vote: 2 paws, great views of KLLC twin towers at night but limited options for K9 loungers.
Boathouse Restaurant, TTDI
Fine dining fusion outlet and can be heavy on the wallet. Dark, quiet and romantic setting suited for couples. Wifi available with a resident ShihTzu in the house. Dogs are allowed inside on less crowded days. My vote: 2 paws, dog friendly but nothing exciting going on really.

Rumours , Sri Hartamas
Been here when it was still known as Flagz, now refurbished with classier setup. Still new, appears rather empty and quiet and dogs have to be seated outside. Haven’t tried this new set up, so will reserve my vote till later.

Fogal Cafe & Deli, Plaza Damas
Neat looking deli set up serving Aussie sausages, breakfast and grilled meat. Airy and sizeable outlet with outside seating in front and at the back as well. Dogs allowed inside on less crowded days. Staff is friendly with good service. My vote: 3 paws, sweet smell of grilled sausages wafting through the corridor + cool tiles to laze on = neat place to hang around at.

Sid’s Pub, TTDI
UK pub setting serving traditional pub fare from pies and burgers to Indian dishes. Prices are reasonable, hence very popular and crowded especially on weekends. Plays alternative and rock music, mostly drowned out by human chatter. Dogs are allowed in the pub, including the bar area and have actually bumped into a number of dogs hanging about with their owners. My vote: 4 paws, staff and patrons are dog friendly, plus they are not too fussed about us relaxing on the benches and stools. Best seat in the house is on the window sills in the front … pretending to be a cat. Easily, one of my fav joints.
Festive reminder: Don’t drink and play …

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