Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Conversations with dogs

Here's some fav pics of mine which can b rather amusing ven viewed in a different perspective ... a dog's sense of humour is an advantage.
'Woah Taro, wat happened mate...u r way too young 4 wrinkles.'
'Yup, I know... been like dat ever since my owners put me on a diet. But I heard its only a temporary phase.'

'Hey Yuka, babe alert! Put on ur best smile.'

'Where man, where?'

'Yo, up here. Babes at 1 o'clock high.'

'Check out dat Poodle man...sweet mama. U d man, heh heh ...'

'I know, heh, heh ... nothing like watching d girls go by.''


'I'm actually 1 of dem sensitive new age guys who enjoys a picnic every now n den.'

'Get outta here.'


'Ahem dear ... not in front of d kids.'


'So wat u say, u n I go 4 a movie n a couple of drinks after.'

'(Sigh)...dats all I need rite now, some young punk trying 2 hit on me.'


'Frankly mate, I dunno if dis business of cleaning out ear wax with ur tongue is wat u really wanna do 4 d rest of ur life.'


‘U need 2 chill out a bit more, Junior. Being so tense n uptight wun help with d stiffy ears syndrome.’


'Errr ... who moved my kibble?'


Groovy, ‘Hah, I’ll just wait behind dis shrub n pounce on him ven he appears!’

Angel, ‘Hah, I’ll just wait behind dis shrub n pounce on him ven he appears!’


‘Ok, v r left with just u 2. Who’s d smarty pants who actually let all d dogs out?’

‘Yup dats rite, I’m talking to u 2.’

‘Oi, stop looking away, there’s no one else around.’


Groovy (broken), ‘Babe watch time guys. Check out dat Poodle scooting around on her twinky toes.’

Bailey (rough), ‘Woah yea, there ought 2 b a law against dat!’

Biscuit (smooth), ‘Yup, let me handle dis fellas … in dis park, I am d law.’


'U keep dis up n it will b d last time I'm ever gonna take u out 4 walkies.'


'Wish d papparazzi wld go away n leave us alone 4 awhile.'

'Not 2 worry dear, I know exactly how 2 handle dem ... oi bugger off will ya!'



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