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Dogolympics n D 1st agility trials

18 June 2006 – Dog Olympic Day, BU park

Image Hosted by 'World Cup fever at d Dogolympics.'
A puppycom event n dis time it's d Dogolympics. N yes, dey r organising d very 1st agility trial in dis country … cool, never thot I’ld live 2 c d day. There will also b Schutzhund trials n a number of sporting events on d day itself.
For once, beauty contests r taking a backseat n d limelight is on d natural prowess n abilities of dogs, n athletic mutts in particular. U cn tell dat I dun do too well at beauty parades n fashion shows. Personally prefer walking around in my birthday suit … just bcoz humans like 2 play amusing games like dressing up dun mean dat v all hv 2 follow suit.
Image Hosted by'My best impersonation of a Pointer.'
D PetnU agility squad began earnest training a mth b4hand, during d weekends. Angel n I were pretty keen n were delighted dat Russell, my regular sporting buddy, decided 2 sign up as well at d very last minute. V did try out some intermediate level runs in preparation n my owner kept telling every1 dat d trial itself will b much easier coz it was supposed 2 b novice level only, being d 1st trial in Msia n all dat. He n his big mouth.

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Imagine our surprise on d day itself 2 c an agility course jam packed with 20 obstacles, full 12 pole weave, n sharp twists n turns aplenty. To make it even more difficult, d designated area was fairly small n hence d obstacles were placed very close 2 each other, making it a run choc-full of traps just waiting 2 suck in any dog who stops 2 sniff n ponder even for a mili-second. Even d Thai judge was slightly taken aback by d difficulty level n decided 2 gv teams a practice run b4hand, nice fella.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usStill v were fairly relaxed n took things in stride like all good dogs do, whilst our owners struggled to come 2 terms with d layout n remember d mazy sequence of obstacles.
D good thing bout agility sport is dat u cn mostly blame ur handler if anything shld go wrong coz only dey hv 1st hand knowledge of d course sequence. Its pretty much, humans guide n dogs follow. If dey hd allowed us dogs 2 map out d course sequence instead, den it’ll b a different story n there’ll b less faults n mistakes on d day. But humans r a funny lot n dey like 2 learn from mistakes, hence dey always try n assume d lead role as handler in any agility team. But v r not complaining … less pressure, just hv 2 run like d wind.

Image Hosted by 'Angel clearing d hurdles in fine style.'
Sure enuf, d course was way too demanding n tight 4 novice level n only 3 dogs managed too complete deir runs within d standard course time. D 3 being none other den Angel, Russell n me … all my training pals, wat a treat! Angel took top spot in d Maxi class, Russell n I secured d top 2 positions in d Mini class. Image Hosted by ImageShack.usOur runs were far from perfect n v registered our share of mistakes n faults but given d course set up, it was a decent performance.
N d nominations 4 ‘Most memorable way 2 upstage ur handler in an agility run’ r as follows:
Russell taking some time off at d top of d Aframe 2 survey d park for a good 5 secs b4 d descent;
Angel doing d rocking round d pause table jive with her owner plus a little jig at d 1st hurdle;
3. Groovy ... hey I've got a nomination as well, nice ... running flat out over d final sequence of jumps 2 leave owner way behind, all huffing n puffing.
Check out Agility trials clips 2 catch some of dese nifty moves.
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by Image Hosted by
'Hey who left dis pole here?'
I managed a time of 45 secs with 4 faults, missing 2 contacts n d weave pole entry. Time was pretty swift but too many faults incurred … not good but good enuf on d day. My owners tried not 2 b too enthusiastic bout d win so as not 2 gv me any false impressions on our performance, but I cld tell dat dey were grinning with delight inside.
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usD PetnU gang also turned up 2 support n were all smiles ven d results were announced. Nice run guys n am proud 2 b part of d squad who made a clean sweep of d agility titles.
'D Dynamic Duo strikes again!'

After much pestering from me mates, reluctantly tried out d Longest Sit stay n Tic Tac Toe games which r more suited 4 K9s with a good stay routine. Inevitably, I failed 2 do dis for any length of time n made a quick dash 4 d nearest canopy or available shade. Dats me, anything 2 do with running, jumping n dashing about is fine but anything which involves wait, stay, b still, or dun move is bad 4 my health. Piper n Russell showed how it was supposed 2 b done n took home prizes 4 d longest stay, plus great effort by Pacco at d very end 2 win a long jump medal as well.Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

'As long as there's running n activity involved, I'm keen.'
Image Hosted by
In addition, took part in d Olympic run, Hurdle race, Leader of d troop n Long jump events. Managed a podium finish in all events n Image Hosted by ImageShack.uswon some kibble 2 keep my food supplies healthy n going 4 a few more mths … phew. Yah, rightly or wrongly, my owners make me work 4 a living … wonder if dey hv also set aside something for my EPF n retirement.

'Oi, dun look away everytime I try 2 say something ...'

Image Hosted by'Life's tough trying 2 b a K9 athlete ...'


Blogger Jojo said...

hahaha.. what a fun day we had! I luv the last pic u sleeping with the medal.. congratulation on all the winning!!

9:20 AM  
Blogger Jojo said...

btw, do u hv the first trial run clip as well? peony would luv to see as well..

9:21 AM  
Blogger Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Yarman, sure was a swell time. If u hd taken part, u wld hv a good chance of a placing as well in d 'Maxi' class.

My boss didnt capture d practice run 4 Peony. Will need 2 remind her 2 do so 4 d next trial.

12:08 PM  
Blogger Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Btw, wat was Peony doing on top of d Aframe for so long??!!

12:31 PM  
Blogger Jojo said...

he said everybody look too serious n pressure at d moment he would just try to help them releks a bit...

2:00 PM  
Blogger Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Ha ha, think he was looking around 4 his fav human, Gabt.

4:35 PM  
Blogger PoenyStormRider said...

Tot I saw The Star reporter so strike a post Ahahahahaa

7:05 PM  
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