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Thinking of a JRT, think again …

JRT Traits
D Good Image Hosted by
Small mutt with big attitude n personality, natural performer, brave, tenacious, independent, inquisitive, quick learner, determined, fearless, adventurous, playful, alert, energetic, fast, agile, acrobatic, sturdy, healthy, long life, low maintenance, sense of humor, cheeky appearance

Hence why it’s fairly hard 2 resist 1 of us little buggers.

D Bad n D Ugly
On d other hand … feisty, possessive, stubborn, persistent, curious, mischievous, tendency 2 roam, must b on leash … love 2 lunge, pull, tug, run n jump, chases cats n squirrels, easily bored,
Image Hosted by 'u cn tell ven a JRT is bored...'
...cant sit or stand or stay still 4 long, need lotsa exercise, seeks attention n activity, leap b4 u look mentality.

Hence why potential dog owners tend 2 go 4 other breeds. As d saying goes, ‘If u cant stand d heat, best 2 stay out of d kitchen.’

Spunky JRT Quotes
(by Catherine Romaine Brown)
Dog spelled backwards makes some people uncomfortable, not JRTs.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIt must b understood dat only d size of d dog is small. Everything else about it is larger den life.

D intensity of d human – JRT relationship hs even been compared 2 a troubled romance.

Ur heart will b stolen, n from time 2 time broken, by allowing a JRT in.

Image Hosted by Dis is a little in-ur-face dog.

If dey cant find trouble, dey’ll make it.

D JRT is made of true grit. Altho adorable in appearance, dey cn b little thugs in white clown costumes.

Image Hosted by Owning a JRT involves protecting dis brave 2 a fault dog from its own desire 2 deal with d world. It’s a dog dat carves out intent on its own terms.

Dun buy a used car from any1 ur JRT doesnt like.

Dis isn’t d type of dog u want 2 lend ur car keys or credit card to.

Whilst a fair number of JRTs find work in d entertainment industry, 1 cld argue dat dey best like 2 entertain demselves.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIf u dun hv a sense of humour, u wun really appreciate a JRT.

1 of f most difficult tricks 2 teach a JRT is 2 stay still.

JRTs like 2 play ... n dey like 2 win.

Fox terriers r born with 4x as much original sin in dem as other dogs, it’ll take yrs n yrs of patient effort 2 bring about any appreciable reformation in d rowdiness of d fox terrier nature. – JK Jerome

Image Hosted by D fox terrier … is assuredly d doggiest dog v possess, d most aggressive, born 2 trouble as d sparks fly upwards. – WH Hudson

Image Hosted by ‘Show me a lifetime of adventure, n I’ll show u an adventure of a lifetime.’ – Caroline Coile

Luv d last quote, coz cn just imagine my fellow JRTs saying something like dat… if u ever hv 2 put up with 1, u’ll know exactly wat I mean.

D Great ‘JRT vs PRT’ Debate
Trying 2 figure d difference between JRTs n PRTs (Parsons)? As if d different coats of smooth, broken n rough isnt confusing enuf … v also come in long n short legs as well, hence giving rise 2 terriers dat can measure anywhere from 10-15” in height.
Image Hosted by
Actually v r all JRTs. D PRT aka Parson JRT is named after d traditional long legged terrier favored by d Reverend John Russell, used 2 accompany horses in d hunt 4 foxes in d field, hence d longer legs being more suited 4 all d running. D JRT aka English JRT is short legged, developed 2 hunt with deir owners on foot n r also very adept at flushing out rats n badgers in farms.

Image Hosted by
Both JRT/ PRT r a mix of d fox terrier, bull terrier, beagle, greyhound n other breeds designed 2 produce a versatile hunting dog. Just dat JRT may hv been mixed with shorter breeds eg. Corgis n Dacshunds 2 gv d shorter legs.

Image Hosted by
PRTs as recognised by d kennel clubs r between 12-15” in height, its height being slightly more den its body length. JRTs as recognised by other clubs are between 10-14” in height n usually with a longer body length as compared to its height. PRTs being d traditional working breed standard is more widely recognised by most kennel clubs, with JRTs only accepted by some. Think both r recognised by d local kennel.

In summary, Parson JRTs r longer legged, hence taller n usually with a rough or broken coat. English JRTs r shorter hence with a longer looking body. English JRTs r more popular amongst d public n d smooth coat variety is favored. PRTs n JRTs share d same traits, only d size differs. U really need a ruler 2 tell d difference. If in doubt, just say JRT n nobody will fault u 4 dat.

Image Hosted by
I’m a Parson Jack, I think … tho I’ve also bn called a street dog a number of times b4. Dun really matter, ven all is said n done, its d attitude n performance dat counts.


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