Tuesday, April 04, 2006

D Weather Report

Autumn in KL
Went 4 a stroll at d Tmn Desa Community Park recently n bumped in2 1 of my fav playmates, Snowy. Tiny n rather neat looking gal who also luvs d rough n tumble moves.

D huge trees were changing deir coat, leaves where falling all around n piles of brown leaves smothered d park grounds … reminiscence of autumn in d colder countries (so my owners tell me). D cool n cloudy day was just perfect 4 a picnic but some1 forgot d snacks n treats.

'Trying 2 gain d sympathy vote by feigning injury...'

Hd a blast just rolling on d leaves n hanging bout with me mate. Was beginning 2 feel bit nostalgic bout d setting … or perhaps its just old age catching up with me. But dat was only 4 a brief mo n was soon back 2 my old groove, wrestling n growling with Snowy in d park.

'Snowy attempting camouflage maneuvers.'

Now who says u cn only get 1 season in KL … personally, I prefer d rain n ensuing mud baths.

Rainy days n complimentary mud baths

Always look forward 2 dis kinda weather coz wet rainy days = plenty of inviting muddy patches in d field 2 soak in. N if d mud has hd time 2 settle n dry a little, producing a thick, sticky chocolate mousse sort of setting, even better as u cn den dip ur face in2 it n hey presto ... u get an instant mud facial treatment dat is as natural as dey come, its d best feeling, really! I totally understand why even humans go thru such a procedure at d spa. Therapeutic fun n recommended 4 pooches especially d furry n hairy types …try it n watch ur owners turn a different shade of colour.

Shld c my owners ven dey try 2 stop me from diving in2 dese patches, especially ven I’ve just hd a bath. Dey immediately morph in2 seasoned rugby players n try 2 tackle or herd me away from dese areas. Dey
dun seem 2 mind so much ven its bath day tho. Mud baths r my fav kinda bath.

I sometimes dream of being caught up in a minor flood with d complimentary stream of muddy, brown water 2 wade in. Ducks do it, why cant v.


Anonymous JaffeBoy said...

Looks like fun, rolling around in the sun. I wish I can "spar" with you sometime. Love it. Promise not to turn it into fight thou... hehehe...

11:09 PM  
Blogger Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

U shld try it, especially d mud bath. Next time u c a patch, just sneak away from ur owners n hop in2 it...its d best, really!

U seem pretty gung ho by putting ur paws all over huge dogs. I wldnt dare do dat, but I wldnt shy away from a wrestle with d big guys, if cornered.

2:24 PM  

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