Thursday, April 20, 2006

D dirtiest activity in town - Jungle trekking

'D K9 Trekkers Gang'

'D marshall'

1 of d finest weekend activities around coz jungle trekking means getting down n dirty in d jungle n mud. Longer haired n furry mutts hv it tough as d dirt n soil will stick 2 deir coats n a thorough bath is d only remedy. JRTs r blessed in dis instance as our coats r fairly coarse, dry off easily n dirt will also fall out very nicely. Perfect 4 d rough n rugged terrains.

'D fugitive'

V normally trek every other Sat mornings at Gasing Hill, just next door. Hv also bn 2 d Bukit Kiara trek but some oddball decided 2 put up a ban against mutts in dat green lung. Pity as it hd a neat choice of routes.

D K9 Trekkers gang gets a fair share of surprised n curious looks from d morning joggers n trekkers. V try 2 maintain some order n discipline ven running in2 other trekkers coz dun wanna upset dem too much 4 fear of getting banned from yet another park.

'U know u've been in d jungle too long if u begin 2 look like dis ...'

3 routes – short (30 min), medium (1 hr) n long (1.5 hrs), inclusive of breaks n playtime thru thick leafy tropical jungle, up n down a fairly steep hill n bypassing a stream. Easy 4 K9s, moderate difficulty 4 humans. Sometimes hv 2 lug my owner around, especially during d uphill sections.

Highlight of d trek is d stream where v get 2 run off leash n soak in d cool shallow waters. Also get 2 fool around with me mates, Hana, Yen Yen, Duchess, Baby n Rakan, running loose n playing chase at dangerous speeds … dis is wat v live 4! Fair bit of mud around dis area as well if u intend 2 masquerade as d Swamp Thing. My ideal playground … mud, dirt, water n splish splash, groovy.

Sometimes bump in2 a couple of elderly gentlemen doing taichi, playing d harmonica n singing in d middle of d jungle. Funny lot dese humans … I cn appreciate d music n song but dunno bout d sloth-like dance steps.

'Yeah, finally back 2 civilisation n all d modern comforts dat comes with it.'


Blogger Cyth said...

whoa...still keeping up with the blog eh? me owner is taking a break... i mean a loooong break from blogging. ya know, the usual lazy ass reasons they give when they don't want to do or update anything. Work, no time, etc. sigh.

anyway, let's meetup some other day. will intro to you my kids. c ya in lowyat forum!!!

10:01 AM  
Blogger Groovy Dogs Just Wanna Hv Fun said...

Yah Pipe, long time no c n wld luv 2 c ur kiddos as well. Mayb in a couple of mths time.

10:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking for places to take our dog in Kuala Lumpur. Any suggestions of parks where they are not banned?
Thanks John

11:01 AM  

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