Monday, November 13, 2006

Dog Carnival - this Sunday morning

PetnU Dog Carnival - 19 November 2006, BU Central Park
Brand new n eagerly anticipated event in d K9 calendar with challenging trials n enticing games lined up 2 showcase our natural n quirky talents. Theme: ‘It's a Carnival!’ ... loosely translated = Party 4 Dogs!

Image Hosted by 1st time dat Agility n OB trials r being held together. OB trials encompass pre-novice till open levels. Agility will b running novice n basic jumpers levels. Basic jumpers is another exciting off-shoot of agility sport n as d name suggests, d course is set at a minimal difficulty level n on leash runs r permitted 2 convince all agility fans 2 hv a go.
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2 encourage dog sports in d country, registration fees r set at a nominal RM10 per trial n top 3 teams at each level will bring home d trophies n prizes. D organisers certainly dun believe in charging exorbitant trial fees, which is cool.

K9 X-games
Sneak preview of some of d intriguing games planned 4 d day:
The High Jumper
Top Dog Model
Super Sniffer Dog
D Coolest Catch
Top Trick Dog
The Long Jumper
Best Kisser
… n in case u were wondering, dis game is also only 4 doggies.

For more details, c K9 X-games. Just 2 gv u a flavour, here’s a description of a couple of events:

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Super Sniffer Dog - 1 for d hound dogs. Quickest 3 dogs to sniff out deir fav small toy, object or treat hidden under 1 of 8 plastic cones will b rewarded. If ur dog manages 2 sniff out some other item on d field, d ‘finders keepers’ rule shall apply.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usD Coolest Catch - 1 for d air borne dogs who r fond of catching thrown frisbee, ball or any toy or treat 4 dat matter. All dogs will b allowed 2 attempts n judging is based on style, enthusiasm, height n distance. Finest 3 fielders will b rewarded. Takes with either mouth or paws, or both will b deemed a successful catch.

D K9 X-games r open 2 all dogs n each contest also comes with 3 neat prizes which r up 4 grabs. Best of all, there r no entrance fees n dogs n owners cn get stuck in2 as many contests as dey wish. Most of d games r making deir debut in d Dog Carnival n d fun factor is set on Xtreme.

So bring along ur party tricks n gear as v celebrate in d natural abilities n prowess of dogs. Make a date with us 4 a hip, hop n sporty time … also, time 2 persuade ur owners 2 get off d couch n hustle 2 d nearest park 2 get into shape 4 d trials n games.

PetnU Dog Squad
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by
Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by N not forgetting our very own demo squad who will b showcasing a few new dog sports n activitiies. Flyball, Heelwork 2 Music n Protection Work r in d pipeline, so dun miss d opening show. Due 2 time constraints, demos will b short but sweet.

C PetnYou Carnival for further details on Dog Carnival, games n demos.
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